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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Gift

A gift

A gift may not seem significant to the bearer of the gift but it may mean
The world to the one who receives it

A gift is not always the most expensive item in the store even though that is what
You feel you need to give as a gift

A gift is something that can be really simple in the way of it being bought or being made

A gift can be one of a million things or a whole bunch of one thing

A gift means something special to the one giving it and means far more to the
One who is receiving it

A gift that comes from the heart is a heart felt gesture of friendship that can brighten
The day of the one who receives it

How Do I

How Do I

How do I show who I am when the world appears to have a plan for me
That does not let me reflect who I am

How can I truly be myself when the reflection in the mirror isn’t who I had
Expected or hoped to be

How do I tell people who I am inside or be who I am expected to be yet not
Feel so exposed and alone inside

How do I show who I am inside and not feel like I am letting everyone who means
Something to me down

How can I be myself and still live up to everyone’s expectations of who
I should be

How do I become the man I am meant to be when I feel like who I really am
Is lost in the fray making me feel like I am all alone in a sea of people

With the Change of Season

With the Change of Season

As each day passes you feel the highs and the lows that the day brings

With each passing day towards the dead of winter, you feel a loneliness that feels like
It will only grow more and more with time as you look back wondering why you feel so alone

When winter has set in and the days are cold and grey adding to the feelings of being alone,
Your one solace is that you have in your life people who care for you in ways that don’t always
Show until days like this one

With each passing day towards spring you feel that loneliness ebbing away slowly at first
With the warmth that comes with the approaching season and as you feel renewed you show
Those who were there for you and that mean so much to you that you didn’t forget
What they had done for you by being there in their time of need

Thursday, December 25, 2008

when we see a child

When we see a child

When we see a child we see their potential

When we see a child we see our hopes and dreams in them

When we see a child we see the hopes and dreams we have for them

When we see a child we hope that they succeed where everyone has failed

When we see a child we dare to get them to do more than dream about the possibilities
That lay before them so they take flight

When we watch a child you will find they are smarter than they get credit for

When we watch a child we see that they can have an unbridled curiosity that can be
Mistaken for the mark of independence

When we watch a child you find that they have an inner strength that knows no limitations

In the end when we watch a child you will find that no matter their potential, no matter how smart they are or how strong they appear to be, they still need you there to guide them
To support their wings as their dreams take flight

When We Age

When we age

When we are young we think that we know everything

When we are young we think that we are invincible

When we are young we feel like we have the world in the palm of our hand

When we get we find that we still have lots to learn

When we get older we find that we are not as invincible as we thought even when
We don’t want to show it

When we get older we find that having the world in the palm of our hand was all just
An illusion created by our youth

When we get older we tend to realize that we never really had the world by the hand and
Regret the missed opportunities and the mistakes in our youth

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Friend

A friend

A friend is someone who we can associate with

A friend is someone who is someone who can keep us company

A friend is someone who we can turn to when we need someone to understand

A friend is someone who will push us to do better when we haven’t the energy to keep going

A friend is someone who always seems to find just the right way to get under our skin but yet
Keep us coming back for more

A friend is someone who always seems to know when they are needed

A friend is someone who we can talk to when there is no one else to talk too

A friend is someone who is missed when they are not there

A friend is someone who will stand by you when you need someone there even when
They are behind the scene helping you stay on sure footing

A friend is someone who looks up to you without knowing that you are looking up to
Them as well

A friend is someone who without knowing is seeking to do things to ask for acceptance
From those he considers his friends

A friend in the end is someone who is working hard for approval from those he feels he needs
Approval from without knowing that he already has done more than enough to earn the approval of those
Who call him friend

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In This Time...

In This Time…

In this time of giving how can we turn a blind eye to those in need
As we give gifts to those we love as if we don’t see those in need

In this time for which we are suppose to show the world that we
Are better people than others may think

In this time how could we not help those of us that are in need
Where one day the tables could be turned on us

In this time how can we care for just of those for which we love
When we are taught to care for all as if they are our own

In this time we need to remember to thank those who have given
Everything that they are to help those who need the most help

In this time we need to live up to our beliefs and our principles
In ways that show others that we really do care for others

In this time we should honor those who have given of themselves
Without regard to their own needs and with out question

In this time we need to show those who are down that there is more
To life than what they have been shown

In this time of need we should stop to think of the fact that we could have
Been in the position of needing to ask for help despite ones desire to do
For oneself

In this time, at the end of the day as you start to ponder what the day
Has brought you, you find that you are asking yourself can I really
Live with myself if I am not there to help someone when the night comes

In this time, would you be willing to be there to help someone to pick up
The pieces of their shattered dream when they appear to be a lost soul

In this time, you ponder whether or not someone would be there for you after
Acting as if they were not there when the shoe was on the other foot

In this time of need and sacrifice we need to remember those who have sacrificed
The most and that have sacrifices it all to make this a better place for all of us
For with out their sacrifice we could not have become who we are today

In this time we need to remember that any donation however small helps
Whether it be a few cents, some gently used clothing or spending time
Just being there with someone who hasn’t the people to be with

Saturday, November 15, 2008

a love restrained and a love refrained

A love restrained and A love refrained

How can I show you how I really feel when you show me
A love that is restrained even though I don’t why it is that way

With that restrained love you make me feel as if I am on my own
And all alone though I don’t want to feel this way

Why is it that you refrain from showing your love, could it be that
You have some fears that you want to subside from past loves

How can I show you that there is nothing left to fear when it comes
To being with me, since you are not the only one that has felt
Like that after a past relationship

So take my hand and let me into your world so you don’t have to restrain
The love that you have inside

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cat and the Crow

On a warm autumn morning Sara is going through the motions of her normal routine that she does every weekend morning. She has already rolled out of bed and absentmindedly done those things like start the coffee and use the bathroom. Sara decided to go and see if the paperboy had actually delivered the Saturday paper on time for a change and when she stepped outside into her front yard she noticed a crow looking for his morning meal of worms or anything he can scavenge.

As Sara got closer to the crow, she noticed that he was already eating something due to the pulling he was doing with his beak. When she got close enough to see what the crow was eating she saw an animal that was so mangled and eaten that she almost could not identify that it was what was left of what she thought was a stray cat that had decided to cut through her property. At first she didn’t notice the markings on the tail until she was on her way back towards her house after grabbing the morning paper.

Sara had looked over to the crow as he was eating and realized that the markings on the tail looked dreadfully familiar to her, she ran over shooing the crow away but the crow at first would not budge as she ran towards him and when he did fly off he flew right at her clawing at her face for a few seconds before flying off, leaving her with a few bleeding scratches as she knelt down in front of the cat with tears in her eyes as she picked up the collar letting her know that it was really her cat there in front of her.

As she knelt there crying, the crow came back and started crowing like crazy just out of range of Sara being able to throw anything at him. After a couple minutes of the crow squawking like crazy other crows started coming to see what was going on. Sara looking around at all of the crows coming and decided to get up slowly and walk back towards her house, when she started walking the crow making all of the fuss decided to fly right at her diving right at her head multiple times forcing her to run back to her house.

Sara hurried inside in hysterics trying to call a neighbor to come over and get rid of the crows in her yard, her neighbor realizing she was frightened, came over as quickly as he could with a baseball bat in his hand only to find a completely empty yard. As he walked up to the house he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and proceeded to knock on Sara’s front door, when she opened up the door she did so very slowly and looking towards the ground to make sure it wasn’t the crow coming back again.

Slowly, she opened the door to see a pair of sneakers and let out a gasp of relief letting her neighbor in. She explained what had happened even showing the scratches to her face, she then brought him to where the crow had been eating her cat but there was nothing there, leaving her neighbor with a perplexed look on his face and Sara trying to explain that she really did see the crow eating her cat. With that her neighbor insisted that they go back into her house so he could make a cup of peppermint tea for her to relax her.

After they got back to the house Sara’s neighbor had her sit down at her kitchen table as he fumbled through her cabinets for her peppermint tea and a couple cups, afterwards he put on the kettle of water and said that he would look in the yard to see if she may have brought him to the wrong spot. He went out into the yard and searched the yard for a few minutes with out finding anything, coming back in he let her know that he couldn’t find anything as he was grabbing the kettle from the stove to pour the water.

He walked over and gave her the tea and then looked around for some biscuits or something else they could have with the tea. As he looked around Sara’s cat came out of no where jumping into his arms with the only thing missing was his collar for which Sara still had clutched in her hand. He then asked if she really saw what she did as he walked back into the kitchen with the cat in his arms. When Sara seen the cat in his arms she got even more upset to the point that she wanted nothing to do with the cat with the cat seeming to want nothing to do with her either.

Sara’s neighbor seeing how upset she was and seeing the cat not wanting anything to do with her offered to take the cat home for which she just said take him he’s yours now. So he said he would be right back and grabbed the cat carrier, the food and water bowls along with the cat food. He left so he could bring home the cat and set up the food and water bowls. After he got to his house he set the cat carrier down on his dining room table with the cat still in it so he could get the food and water set up, afterwards he went to let the cat out of his carrier but he wasn’t there in the carrier.

Sara’s neighbor was perplexed because there was no way for the cat to get out of the carrier due to it still being locked shut. He promptly looked though out his house for the cat and could not find him so he called Sara and asked if she remembered him putting her cat in the cat carrier with her saying that she watched him do it so that there was no way he could have gotten out unless he was let out. He then told her that I know he could not have gotten out but still he wasn’t there in the carrier even though he hadn’t been let out.

Sara’s neighbor proceeded to walk out side so he could go back of Sara’s house and stopped short out of sheer fright from what he could see on the sidewalk in front of his house. There was the cat just sitting there weighting for him but it was different, the cat had went from the healthy cat he held just a few minutes ago in Sara’s house to a cat that looked like it had been dead for days and picked at by some passing animals.

As he started walking again the cat took off back towards Sara’s house and Sara’s neighbor instantly started running toward her house and by the time he got to her front gate the cat was in the front yard and there it was again looking healthy, but this time he was there with a crow and they were playing as if they were old friends. When Sara’s neighbor entered the yard the cat and the crow stopped playing, with the crow flying off and the cat running up into a tree so it could enter the house through an open window.

When he seen the cat enter through the window after climbing the tree he rushed to the front door trying to open the door but not being able too and then started banging on the door with no luck, he then went out back to see if there was an open window out back so he would not have to climb the tree in the front yard. When he got to the back yard he noticed something he had never seen before which was a pair of headstones on a full sized headstone and the other a small one but both so faded that he didn’t bother to try to read.

As he stood there in shock the crow that had been outside with the cat flew up and landed on the larger headstone and started pecking on it. After a few minutes he ran back into the front yard to climb the tree to get into the house, he saw the door wide open so he entered Sara’s house calling her name at first getting no response then hearing some crying coming from the kitchen and Sara calling for him. As she came into view he noticed that she had her head on the table and her hair now looked like it hadn’t been washed for days and un-brushed.

He then asked how are you holding up, and as she lifted her head she asked how do you think? As he stood there unable to move, she looked at him asking what with him hesitating then saying that he had to leave. He then tried to leave and Sara tried to keep him there by saying stay a while I am just about to take some biscuits out of the oven to have with our peppermint tea. Again she asked what?

This time he said there is something wrong, you need to look in the mirror, so she went and went into the bathroom to look at herself and asked are you sure there is something wrong, he then walked into the bathroom only to look at her and then at the mirror and seeing something he knew to be impossible and that was her look like she had been dead for years in front of him but in the mirror looking alive and well, with the roles in reverse for him.

He then walked slowly out of the bathroom backwards so he could watch her, and then ran out of the house only to see the cat and the crow again in the front yard. He then decided to go around back to leave through the back yard seeing the headstones again, he figured take a look to see if he could see any names on the headstones.
When he walked over he realized that they were not as worn as he had originally thought and seen the names on them, the larger one was that of his neighbor Sara with it saying that she died of a broken heart after finding her cat being eaten by a crow and the headstone beside it said here lies what was left of Sara’s beloved cat with both headstones being dated many years before he moved into the neighborhood. With that he ran home to find the cat and the crow on his back porch looking over towards the far end of his porch.

As he walked over to see what they were looking at he found another headstone this time it had his name on it with almost the same date as there was on the headstones at Sara’s house and his headstone said that he died of shock from finding his neighbor dead at her table days after she died with biscuits and peppermint tea for two still on the table. He could not believe his eyes and slowly walked into his house to find Sara there waiting for him this time looking alive and well and upon seeing him she said welcome home it feels like many years since you left to visit the new neighbor.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Which do I

Which do I

Why is it that I can’t help feel as if we are meant for each other

I can’t help but stare into your eyes, for they appear to be intoxicating

I feel as if I have been waiting for you all of my life and don’t know what I would
Do if you were no longer there in my life

I want so much to show you how I feel about you but I would be playing the
Part of a fool if I rushed in if I were to go with what I would like to do

As much as I want to be with you I know that I would be better off building
A lasting friendship with you so you can be there in my life even if I have to
Contain how I really feel for you

Saturday, October 4, 2008

For Grampy 1928-2008

As We Remember

As we say good bye we can’t help but look back and see that we were given
An angel in disguise who cared more than we can ever know

As he gets called home to watch over us, we feel an endless emptiness which
Causes us great sadness that subsides as a wave of happy memories rush over
Us letting us know that he is still here with us and trying to ease the pain
We feel inside

As we look back through the years we find that through it all he was there
Giving us love and protection, the direction that made us who we are today while
We realize that our world is a better place because of him

As we try to remember everything we can’t help but know that you were the strength
That kept us going through the good and the bad

As we remember, in the swirling of memories we remember that
He kept us safe and warm and those memories now dance in our minds
Even though they are from far away and long ago

As we go through our memories we find that we could not be who we
Were meant to be with out him and for that he was the one who taught
Us how to soar above the clouds

As the days turn into years you will forever be in our hearts, always guiding
Us without us even knowing that you are doing it

In the end we look back on the memories and find that we are blessed to
Have had you in our lives, a hero for whom we call dad, grampy, and granddad
That we will miss but will be waiting for us when we are called home to
Welcome us home

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just once

Just Once

Just once I wish I could tell you how I really feel for you

If only I could read through all of the different signals that you have
Been sending my way

Just once I wish that you cold show me how you really feel whether it be
Just friend or more

If only I could get past the feeling that you are unsure of yourself
Around me given your action

Just once I wish I could understand why your body language suggests one
Thing when explaining something’s but yet state the exact opposite

If only I could be who I want to be with you

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wishing for someone out there

Wishing for someone out there

When we are alone and wishing that somewhere out there we had someone
Special out there looking for you, you end up wishing upon a star under the pale

You slowly start feeling that someone is praying that you will find them so
They don’t have to keep singing that lonely lullaby that they have gotten use to

At times you feel like you are miles apart from each other even though you are
Sleeping under the same starry sky wishing for that someone to come and
Find you out there

As you wish upon that falling star, you find that it in time becomes that
Rainbow that see for which leads you to that someone that has been
Just as lost and alone as both of you realize that, that person that you
You have been looking for has been right in front of you all along

Saturday, September 6, 2008

For my Uncle Jimmy 1966-2008

As We Say Goodbye

As we say goodbye as we must, it is still hard to say goodbye to what
We know, to what we knew we had

Though we look to tomorrow for brighter days, there is still this deep sense of
Loss, of a pain that feels like it just doesn’t want to end

In time only the good times that made us laugh will be there to remind us
Of how we were before you left

All though it is hard to let you go we will have the memories to bring us out of
The fog that fills our hearts and our minds

Even still you will remain in our hearts always and forever and though destiny
Called you home first it teaches us we have to be strong all though we will
Forever feel you over our shoulder watching over us

In the end we still find that you going home gives, us something to believe in by
Knowing that you will be there to bring us home when the time comes

Until that day comes we will in our darkest hours find that our memories of you
Act like an angel that keeps us safe and warm inside pulling us from the darkness
That could have engulfed us

Our pain is eased by knowing that you have been welcomed home by an angel who we
All know and love who had been called home to help guide us home when needed

Sunday, August 31, 2008

nieces and nephews

nieces and nephews
a niece likes to tune out the world and be in a world of her own
nephews are endlessly distracted by what others seem to consider mondain
a niece loves secretly talking to her friends especially when she knows she should not be doing it just then
nephews always seem ready to play sports just for the sake of running around like mad men
a niece would rather her parents come to her level rather than trying to grow to their level
nephews love playing video games while having you play the games for them as they watch
nieces and nephews tend not to let you think they care but when something goes wrong they are among the first to wonder what happened and why you are hurt
in the end they are among the kindest people anyone could ever want to know and don't know how you would live without them in your world

Monday, August 18, 2008

This One Thing

This One Thing

If there were one thing that I knew of, I may not understand why,
It may not even be something that I know to be on my mind

That one thing may keep me enthusiastic and just sort of happens when I least
Expect it, it could be the one simple thing that has been eluding to something but
Yet has always been eluding me

It may make me restless and giddy like a child in his element by being
Who he wants to be

This one thing could give you the hunger; the drive to make you capable of
Doing what you have always wanted to do

But in the end that one thin is unique to the individual for that individual is the
Only one who can figure out what that one thing is for himself

Monday, August 11, 2008

the first day of a new job

the first day of a new job can be very tiresome
the first day of a new job can be very hectic
the first day of a new job can seem like it will never end
the first day of a new job can be exhilarating
the first day of a new job is a welcome event when it is wanted
the first day of a new job is always a life changing event

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bit by BIt

Bit by Bit

With each passing step we feel as if all we are just pawns in a chess match
That we are tempted and enticed into playing the game even as we
Watch each other get torn apart bit by bit from not being able to see
That we are feeding an unseen addiction that has taken hold of our

As the emptiness we feel sets in, and is, the only thing that remains you wish
There were people there to help you play the game but all you can do
To release the pain is to yell out “will you come out and play with me”
For anyone and everyone to hear the sound of your voice as you wonder
If there is anyone out there to hear you

While the pain in your heart feels like it is mounting up you can’t help but not
Want to get up in the morning with it causing your head to spin out of control you
Get up just to know that you are still alive and to let them know that the
Battle is till going on even though it looks like they have torn you apart bit
By bit

Step by step you show them that even though you have been tossed around like a
Toy soldier, battle wages on past the emptiness that they have given you so
That everyone around you sees that even with being torn apart bit by bit they
Still have something to fight for and they are the ties that bind, like brotherhood
Family, and love which is a goal that is always in sight from the start but
Attained through the battle that wages on

Saturday, August 2, 2008

As time goes by

As time goes by

As the time goes by and you are feeling like you are old and gray
You can’t tell if there is anyone who still cares even as everyone shows
That they do still care

With each new day they show you that what you taught them is like the
Mighty tree that you planted and watched over as it grew into what
They are today due to you making sure they were well rooted in
Their lives

They can’t help but tell you that even though they didn’t show it when growing
Up they are proud of what you sacrificed for them by showing you the
Seeds that they have planted with it being their turn to watch things take
Root and it looks like a small but hardy flowering bush that will
Grow into a towering rose bush that has the most beautiful roses which
Bloom so beautifully in the spring and summer of what we call life

In the end when you have realized that everyone still cares it is like seeing
That illusive double rainbow that has the brilliantly vivid colors that
Seem to just wash over your very existence in every way and
Radiating an energy that allows you to feel the happiest that you have ever
Been while momentarily giving you a feeling of youthful vigor

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The tie that binds

The tie that binds

When you are the tie that binds you find that you can’t
Just walk the line; you are the one that has to tow the line

You find that to just walk the line will not let you get by with
All of those who need you to be there

When you tow the line everyone thinks that you are just a pain
When they would like to do what they want

As you learn to tow the line you find that there is no greater
Job out there and not everyone be the tie that binds

When time goes by you find that being the tie that binds it is easy
To make people think you are just walking the line even when you
Are really towing the line

Friday, July 18, 2008

something to believe in

Something to Believe in

When it feels like there is nothing there to believe in, it can feel like you
Are lost and all alone in this great big world

When people who care see someone that looks like they have lost it all and
That have nothing left to believe in, they have a knack for finding the one thing
That, that someone can believe in

When you are walking down that cold dark street you can’t help but feel like you are a lost
Soul who is out of place with the feeling that there is nothing left to believe in that is worth
Believing in given all the things you see and hear around you

As you take the time to look back you find that for all of those feelings of being
Lost and alone you have allowed someone to be there to guide you allowing
That someone to have something to believe in

When all is said and done that one person that you unknowingly gave something to
Believe in, you found that they are the one thing that you can truly believe in

Monday, July 7, 2008



Fun is that one place that everyone would rather be

Fun isn’t always about a child playing or an adult relaxing

Fun is a place, that place that invigorates you

Fun is that energy that makes you giddy and happy

Fun is seeing your wishes come true over the horizon

Fun can be shared with others or can be there just for you

Fun in the end is what you want and what you make of it

Will you make the Change

Will you make the change

As we look out at the world we see things that we wish we didn’t have to see
And they bother us enough to either help make changes or just look away

Could it be that we make the choice in response to who we are inside
Rather than whom we would like to be

The question has to be when making that choice is can we live with the person
We see in the mirror everyday

Can you make the choice to make that change both inside and to
Change those things that you don’t want to see

Are you willing to make things right for those who you would just turn
Your back on

As we go about our business we must make it our business to be that person
Who can help rather than turning blind eye and saying someone needs
To help that person

In the end the type of world you wish to live in will influence the
Decision you make on whether to make the changes or just to look away

How, Why and Where

How, Why and Where

Why is that we hardly ever practice what we preach

Why is it that we question the best of intentions

How is we choose not to respect each other as we ask for that same respect
That we are rejecting

How is it that that all we want is to be greedy and only wanting to make money

Why is it that we turn a blind eye to the pain that we cause

How is it that we force people to feel the weight of the world on their shoulders
Rather than sharing the responsibility

Why is there so much negativity and selfishness in this world

Why can’t we effectively teach fairness and equality

What ever happened to our principles

Where did our best intentions go wrong with our world

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

until our paths cross again

Until our paths cross again

Even though this short period of time flew by so quickly it seems like
An eternity has passed since you left

As the days go by the pain lessens with time but it never really subsides
Even as the memories we hold so dear seem to fade into memories that appear
Long ago and far away that we try so hard to recall

While we learn to go on with out you in our lives we can never really forget
Your treasured friendship, your valued insight and your unwavering
Love that was always unending

Though you are gone we all look forward to the day that God has set aside for you
To be there to welcome us home and until that day we wish you the best of journeys
That will bring you back to us that day that our paths with cross again

The reflection of my true colors

The reflection of my true colors

When you look at me who do you see, do you see someone who’s reflection
Is of who they really are given your memories of them

How can I pass for that person in the reflection when that person in the
Reflection isn’t really who I am inside

How can I truly be who I am when everyone around me has expectations of what
I should be like stemming from their ideas of who I should be

When can I show my true colors so I can be who I am inside so I can
Be happy with who I am inside

How do I know when everyone is ready to see the reflections of my
True colors

Can it be that I am not meant to play the part that everyone would have me

Could it be that if I were to be myself that I would break the hearts of those
Who care about me

I feel that I cannot hide who I really am even though I know that
Even if I tried they could see right through me

When will the reflection show my true colors inside

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Symphony of Life

The symphony of life

Though the years of life you find that with each passing year
You discover new ways and find new faces that add to their own
Unique ways of showing you the good and the bad

As each new thing you do and each new friend you make you find that
It becomes more of a melody and even though it may not always be
Harmonious you find that you would not trade them in for something
Else due to the way they pull on your heart strings

And as you find the one who will make those heart strings feel more
Alive you find over time that you have now grown in ways you could never
Have imagined and as your family grows you teach your family those same
Melodies that have made you who you are today, while they instinctively try
To do things to the beat of their own drum that hasn’t been fine tuned

While it is trying for everyone they eventually learn those melodies that
Will eventually guide them they learn to play those melodies in their own
Unique ways showing you that what you have tried to teach them for so long
Really did take hold even though they didn’t let you see it happen

With the years passing and the children that you have raised show that they
Now have a family and come home to show you that they are teaching those same
Melodies to their children that you taught to them many years ago letting you
Know that for them you are the maestro in a symphony, a symphony that this
The symphony of life that they are more than happy to be a part of and would not
Have it any other way

And through the years as the family gets bigger the more melodious it becomes as
Each new member enters on cue strumming on the heart strings as they learn
Where their part is and how to play those heart strings in unison that allows it to
Become harmonious with everyone else

Sunday, June 22, 2008

being strong

Being Strong

As you stop your crying and see that everything is all right you see that
There is someone there to hold you warm in their strong arms and find
That they had to hide their crying to be strong for you and with you

Even though you seem so small you appear to have the strength to keep me
Here with you wanting to be strong for you until you have it in you to
Be strong for those who need the strength in those times they need someone
There to hold them tight and safe when the world seems like it’s against them
Until you’ve shown that there is someone there for them to be strong for

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Right here waiting for tomorrow

Right here waiting for tomorrow

When, it seems as if we are oceans apart day after day and as the world gets in
The way, making me go insane from not seeing you or hear your voice

It makes me wonder how we have survived all this time with us always on the go
Never being able to hold each other for long but I know that I will be right
Here for you when you come home

And thinking of the tomorrows when we can be there with each other, keeps me
Going until we can be there at home with each other in the arms of one another
Remembering all those times where we had that were so special with the
Little time we had

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Walk through the valley of the Shadow

A Walk through the valley of the Shadow

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we learn who we have become
As we relive those times that never really seemed important to us we find that
We have some regrets when it comes to dealing with those we have loved but lost through
Not knowing what we had till it was too late to stop the hurt

We over time as the shadow grows learn that we cannot keep seeking those things that
Create situations that prevent us from being there for those who would need our help to
Get past the hurting inside caused by others who could not be bothered to care enough about
How the people they hurt really feel

As the tries to grow long to reach you, you find that you are not so blind to those who you
Could have hurt from striving for that something that you could not get even with stepping
On those who you thought were in your way but only wanted to show that there were
People there willing to care enough to want to help you reach for that thing you wanted so much

As the shadow of death comes to show you the mistakes you have made through not caring
You find that you are no longer afraid of him due to the voices and the visions from the past that
Have preceded him getting you to change how you feel about the people in your life that
You wish could make amends too that can only be done through paying their love forward

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dancing with Memories

Dancing with Memories

Dancing there remembering those times that happened so long ago
You can almost remember those that have held you close in their arms
From long ago and how safe and warm it felt then
As you dance there you show your dance partner how strong those memories are
By happily giving the same embrace that has kept your memories alive and well even
Though those feelings stretch from long ago and far away which allows your
Dance partner to add to those memories and making them stronger

Friday, June 6, 2008

the yesterdays, today's and tomorrows

The Yesterdays, Today’s and Tomorrows

In the yesterdays, we were shown that we could be lifted up out of the fear
That we have allowed ourselves to get use to from never knowing

We learn in the todays that we can use those voices from the past that we had
Let go unheard due to not wanting to hear the truths that we didn’t want to know

Fighting for the tomorrows, we find that the things we wanted left untold has given us
A fire beneath our skin that can only be dealt with using a gentle hand that allows that fire
To ignite a passion that in turn teaches others that there is more than the fear and the
Anger that they hold inside which keeps them from experiencing unconditional love

Monday, May 26, 2008

For those who have paid the ultimate price

For those who have paid the ultimate price

Those who’s had to learn to live off of the land and to fight hand to hand
They have trained long and hard for what they believe in and that is to be the
Best in what they consider a job in that is honorable and in the line of fire
They have proven that they are deserving of our unwavering
Support by standing by them no matter what others would have them do

Those of them who found that they could step up to the plate in adversity and
Thru the hardships that they have to endure have found their place in this world and
Can only show the people who rely on them their true colors when
They are called to duty to defend our sanctity and our honor as needed

As we remember those of them who have paid the ultimate price in defending our
Way of life we must keep their sacrifice in our hearts and minds so that we
Forget what they gave so that we will not make the mistakes that others have
Made which caused us to ask them to make the ultimate sacrifice

With the memorials going up to honor them we must eulogize the loss with their
Families for the moment so that we can learn to remember the people who have served
In a positive light as we keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds through
Remembering what made them who they were and standing up for what was important
Enough to them to get them to make it better for everyone

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

Without you I could not have been the one who I was expected to be when
All you had to do is show me that I was the love in your life

As I try to learn to live without your friendship that I have grown accustomed too
I feel a great emptiness inside that is swelling more and more each day from this void
I have inside that use to be where your love use to fill

While the time passes, every second seems like an hour and every hour seems like a day
As I walk aimlessly through the places we always felt happiest when we just needed to
Be there for each other at the end of everyday

Now that you are gone I wish I was there with you to guide you and be beside you
Until you get to where you were are going now even though you have to do it alone
And my only conciliation is that we will be together again somewhere someday
With you there to guide me to where we can be together again

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Matter of Trust and Love

A Matter of trust and Love

When those around you see that you are trying to do right by others
Through showing the kindness needed to help those who are brought to
You that are in need of your caring touch

You find that those who need your caring touch are willing to show you a
Great deal of trust even when they barely have the strength to show it and as
You place them where they can get the most help those who you have proven
Yourself with let you know that they will not let you down

In those times where someone breaches that trust by showing heartlessness that
Makes you feel like all of your efforts are for not and that it isn’t worth keeping it up
Those who trust you the most show you that you should not be down on yourself
For the heartlessness of those who hurt those that you love the most

And as you are still reeling from the heartlessness and the pain it caused
Those who have placed their trust in you show you that they care enough about
You to try their best to show you that you are a far better person than those
Heartless people could ever be by showing that the love you have given to them
Is reciprocated back to you many more times than you could ever imagined

Friday, May 2, 2008

When the world shows that you're not invincible

When the world shows that you’re not invincible

When you find that you life has shown you that are not as invincible as
You would like people to think, you try to keep a good face on it
By showing that it will not let it beat you

As the initial shock subsides and you gather yourself back so you can go on
With what you know will keep your mind off of it you realize that at
Some point you will have to think about it again so all you can do
Is privately dwell on it until someone comes along to take your mind off of it

When you finally get use to knowing that you are not invincible you gradually
Start to go through the process of accepting what you have found out
And either let it consume you or stand up and fight it
with everything you’ve got inside of you letting yourself and others know
who you really are inside

if you stand up and fight it you show that you are that much stronger and
makes others feel as if you are invincible if you come through unscathed in your
attempt to fight the good fight especially if you are not fighting it for yourself
which lets others know that you are fighting because you care for those who
mean the most to you or for those that show that you are their everything,
their world, their reason for being

Friday, April 18, 2008

An Angel in You

An Angel in You

When people think that you are their angel you always seem to find that one
Reason not to believe that you are good enough, good enough to be that someone to
Allow yourself to find out that you are that one person that they want there to be there for
Them in their one true time of need

You try to show that all you are is a distraction to that someone when you think that
Someone else would Be the real angel even when you know that you have what it takes to be the One who can do what it takes when they need someone the most no matter what anyone
Thinks when it comes to what can be done

As the endlessness starts to show from the lack of comfort from you not wanting to show
That you can provide a second chance, they show that you are just trying to hide away
From all that you know due to all of the times you have had to prove that you
Do not want to fail during those times of hardship where all you see is vultures at your back

During that dark time they are willing to pull you from that wreckage to show others that
You have made it okay and to show that fear is natural even in the strongest of people
You pull from the wreckage the one thing that you can consider a source of strength even
If it means abandoning what you think is a good life so others can have faith

And when they have been shown to be in the arms of an angel proving to everyone but
Yourself that, that someone can have some comfort they prove you wrong about you not being
That angel that they so desperately need, showing you that you have lifted them up higher
Than they have ever been raising them to new heights through your faith in them and realizing
That they are your angel for believing in you so faithfully

Friday, April 11, 2008

a playground in your memories

A playground in your memories

As time goes by and you find that you are yearning for something that cannot
Be explained you find that the best thing to do is remember the good times that
You always seemed to have when you were a child and had no worries other
Than whether your friends could come out and be there with you to keep you company

When you go home and pass by all those places that held some special meaning
To you in your childhood you cannot help but stop and relive in you memory all of
The good times you had there while saying to yourself I remember calling you friend
To that one spot as you wish to yourself that you could return to your playground
The way that it was, when you were young

Even though it use to be the one place you could go, you quietly realize that
You cannot return to your playground, the one place where you know your innocence
Still lives and the one place where no matter your pain you were able to hold your
Head up high from the comfort it gave through those friendships you forged
And those hardships pushed aside even for those short periods of fun and laughter

And even though you know you can’t go back you realize that your childhood wishes,
Your childhood dreams all came true, making you the person you are today,
A person who now sees that same happiness in their children and wishing that they
To create some of those same memories with their friends

For Their Love

For Their Love

When you feel like you have been dragged through Hell and back again
You feel that you cannot do anything to prove that you will do
Anything and everything for the one you love even though you know that
They know different

You wish that you could show that you have what it takes to be the one to
Be there for them even if it means making a vow to show that you
Are willing to do what it takes to prove your love

As you pray to God to end the pain from the loneliness you feel you know that
The pain you feel is real because you care so much for them and it lets you know
That you must move on past the pain to show them that you are what they were
Dreaming of and that you have been there all along

You begin to show them that you will never stop dreaming of how it could be if
Only they listen to their heart instead of their head

As they start to come around you show them that you are more than willing
To lift them up out of the Hellish existence that has had them down for so long
And willing to show that it will never be a time that you will move on for
You are there to keep them safe and that you will do anything for their love

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a dark and stormy night

A Dark and Stormy Night

As the night becomes dark and stormy, you feel that you are lost from there being no light To guide you,
you pray that you find someone to walk beside you to hide you, to guide
you thru the night

As the despair sets in you can only hope that someone hears your soul calling
For that beacon of hope, that beacon of light for that someone who can reach out
And say there is no need to worry, I’ve got you

When the darkest hour approaches you find that there is a glimmer of hope riding atop a pure
White horse in full stride heading towards you looking like a shooting star in all of its
Splendor parting those dark and stormy clouds that have you so full of dread which now
Looks like a bright horizon with a double rain with you as the end of the rainbow

As he gets closer and closer it almost seems like he has the sun in tow in all of its brilliance to
Warm you up as if he knew that your dark and stormy night had given you a chill right
Down to the bone that you just could not get rid of

As he finally gets there you realize that he has come for you to be beside you in
Your time of need and when he finally reaches down to hold you, he says
I heard your soul calling and could not help but come to you to guide you home

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Journey

The journey

As you look around you think that all the people around you
Are strangers in a foreign land

At the beginning of your journey you find that you are at the cusps of
A great adventure that you have only seen in your dreams

Starting out you find that those people whom you though were strangers
Are there with you beside you on that same adventure trying to find their own
Path on the road winding them allow a twisting path that allows them
To be friends with you

As you look out on the road you can’t help but keep going while you find that
You have started out on a journey that will end up leading to someone that you
Never expected who started on the same journey at the beginning with you

Memories through the window

Memories though the window

As you sit there safe and warm looking through the window that looks like a vale
You look out into the darkness remembering the fond memories that happened long
Ago and far away hoping that those days can come again

As the memories come into focus they seem to pirouette as if dancing just out of reach
And as you allow yourself to remember you find that they are able to give you a
Sense of happiness that you have long since forgotten

As the memories go by one by one you feel as if someone is there holding you
Comforting you hoping that they are ready to sweep you away to allow you to relive
Those memories and as the moment passes you almost feel a kiss that is like a loved one
Saying good bye yet saying I will always be with you

Always and Forever

Always and forever

When you feel that you can not stop that crying from the fear you find
That even though you feel so small, there is someone who understands how You feel

As they reach out to have you take there hand, you stop your crying just wanting
To hold it tight but you just can’t help but want to show them that you are strong even
As they take hold and hug you making you safe and warm

As the moment passes you realize that you have been in their heart not realizing that
They had been trying to show you that they felt that they had to be strong
Hoping that they could be there for you, with you always and for ever

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Job loss

Job Loss

Job loss is always stressful even in the best of times

Job loss can make even the strongest of people have a defeatist attitude

Job loss can be a time of reflection on what you have accomplished
When it comes to what you have done with your life

Job loss will always be a time to gather you thoughts on what you would
Hope to accomplish in the future

Job loss can be a good way of coming out of a rut and finding real direction
As to what you would like to do with your life

Job loss even when expected is never what you expect and rarely looks like a good
Thing when it happens but, a good thing years later when in reflection of what
You have done with your life

Job loss always has the potential of being a good thing or a bad thing
Depending on how you choose to deal with it and what you make of it

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Feelings for Love

Feelings for Love

When you feel that you will loose them if you don’t use them just
So you can have someone at your side

You think it doesn’t really matter since you feel you have no right to
Use them just to have someone there

As you feel that you may have to take the fall for wanting to use them you
Find that the truth of the matter is that those feelings are not justified since
They show you that they want to be there with you

When you start coming around you find that they had the same feelings as you
And that they realized that they should express themselves because they thought
That love may not be enough to keep each other going

When it finally sets in that you will never loose them you realize that the
Feelings you had over using them to have them by your side start to fade out
Of existence while being replaced with feelings of utter joy at their desire
To be there with you as well

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No matter what gets in the way

No matter what gets in the way

Sometimes when it seems harder it is we can take a night that
We were hoping to be a perfect night and make it a night that we
Wish never happened

At times we wonder if we are meant to be there for each other with all
Of the things that get in the way

There are times when you cannot help but just be there waiting and watching,
Hoping that something gives until your defenses are melted by an action
That shows that no matter how bad it gets they will be there for you, to support you, To love you

As the years go by, you find that no matter what has gotten in the way or may
Get in the way nothing will make the love you share subside but rather it has only
Made your love for each other grow more and more

With the problems we have faced and the problems will face, no matter what gets in
The way we will be there for each other when we are in times of trouble and there for
Each other when we are at our happiest

Sunday, March 9, 2008

at the beginning

At the Beginning

At the beginning love is a journey that you hope will
Be ever lasting and ever growing

At the beginning you think that the love cannot last

At the beginning you feel that love is and endless river
That cascades over you and allowing the feelings flow out
Of you as strongly as a river flows

At the beginning with the love of you life as you look at what you
Hope the love will become and you see a long and winding road that
You hope will never end

At the beginning you ask yourself what did I do to deserve the
Unconditional love that is being given to you

At the beginning the love you find gives you a renewed hope that
Gives you a new lease on life

At the beginning you find that you are standing next to someone that
You never expected to be with

At the beginning you realize that in the end you are on a remarkable
Journey that is as wondrous as you will ever have that will be the happiest
Time of your life
At the beginning when you were a stranger no one expected your heart
To be captured on the journey and find that the adventure called love is
Well worth the search

At the beginning as you realize that this is the one you find that this is the
One you want to grow old with and be with when the world ends

Sunday, March 2, 2008

In the End

In the End

When your lost and all alone you feel that you
Will have to face the world standing on your own
With no one there to support you when you have your
Tail between your legs

As the days go by you find that you keep running into people
Who when they see you down and out attempting to help you out
Of that slump that has had you so down in the dumps

With out knowing it you try telling them that in the end you don’t know
How anyone can change your reality where there has been no one there for
So long that has been willing to be there for you

As you are showing how far down in the dumps you are the people who
Have chosen to help you show that those feelings of dread have no basis
Due to showing you that in the end your reality can be changed by their love
And in the end it does their love dose effect your reality enough to lift youUp out of that world that has you lost and feeling like you are all alone

Saturday, February 23, 2008

In memorium to my cousin Dianne

God's Position
God when he feels that he has a position to fill, he looks at who he thinks would be the right one for the position. When he has chosen who he thinks is right he whispers to them let me give you a test, a test to see how much you are needed here with me and with those for which you care for.

God’s test at times can be more grueling than anything you can put yourself through or as easy as doing something that brightens the day of someone who is on the fences. When he is through with his test he whispers to you a job well done and in some cases he calls you home to be at his side to be a guardian angel looking after those who could use your strength and your tenderness.

As God welcomes her home he eases the pain by whispering to those who care, she will be here at my side watching over you and guiding you until she comes to bring you home so you can be together again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The desperado

The Desperado

As you look down the long road we call life, you feel like the desperado
Who only knows the highway run which makes it feel like
A lonely road, the lonely road that is mythical to the old time cowboys
Who where desperado’s

You wonder how to get past the loneliness you feel, that feels like it is driving
You home to a home that you barely even know, as you go along it seems like you
Are a prisoner just along for the ride given the occasional freedom during those
Short respites until you learn to listen to your heart which allows you to break
Free from the chains that you held so close for so long

As you walk away from those fallen chains to face the once lonely road, you realize
That all you had to do is let someone in through that desperado shell to find
Out what you have been missing

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stand up to face your...

Stand up to face your…

When your principals will not permit you to be an innocent,
You find out how much power you give to your convictions

With the weight of your convictions on your shoulders you feel
That you must stand up and face your enemy

As you stand up to face your enemy, you feel that you have to act as if
You are invincible so that there is no sacrifice

When you know that you there is no sacrifice you find that your
Strength in your convictions shows through more which allows you
To stand up and face your fears when you need to do what is right

As you stand up you find that the strength of your convictions ensures
That you stand up for those who would be an innocent so that they
Are not sacrificed while facing your enemy

After you have won the day while trying to look like you are invincible
You show those who would be an innocent that you are far from
Invincible by showing, a strength that is faltering from giving it all
That you can in the time of need

Saturday, February 2, 2008

a picture

A Picture

A picture can be something to remind us of the happy
Memories from our youth

A picture can be can be something of a sorry reminder
From somewhere in our past

A picture can be of our favorite places, the places we have visited
Or of the loved ones that we so cherish

A picture can show us a great many things depending on
When we see them

A picture lets us relive the fun times in our lives which allows
Us to remember the smallest detail of our most treasured
Of memories

A picture is a piece of the canvas for which we call our lives
That are pieced together as we grow older

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the times of our lives

The time of our lives

As little kids time always seems to go on forever and ever
Even as our parents try to teach us that there is a time for everything

As kids time just keeps going and going yet we always rush to get as much fun
Into the days in between the things we must do

As teens, time is something we never have enough of when it comes to
Doing the things that we want to do

As young adults we are always trying to find the time to do all of the things
That we never seem to have the time to do even when it comes to things we love

As we settle into adulthood time seems to blur the line between the days so that they
Seem to blend together when we don’t want them too yet drag on when we
Don’t expect them too

After we are old and grey we reflect on the times of our lives that still remain with us after
All this time only to wonder where did all of the time go

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Angel of Love

Angel of Love

As you’re lying in your bed with the day’s events running through your head,
You wonder how you were so blessed to have a person beside you who
You consider an angel from heaven, who constantly blesses you with love,
A love that you consider a god send, which is the brightest part of your life even
When you feel that you don’t deserve to be there with them loving you so faithfully

As time goes by you learn that you will be blessed with an out pouring of love that
You feel like all you can do is give thanks that your angel found you and
That your angel reminds you of a beautiful water fountain or of a majestic
Waterfall that has a double rainbow in its spray as it cascades down to a waiting
Pool that settles becoming so pristine that it’s like a mirror reflecting the
Beauty right back

Thursday, January 10, 2008

old man winters fun

As old man winter sets up ans shows you the worst he can give,
he makes you wish it would just end tomorrow even
though he has done his best to make all of his fury enchantingly
beautiful with the splendor of each snowflake floating
down looking like it is but a single solitary feather falling on
a beautifully calm windless day
as the enchanting beauty fades with the last snowflake falling
you go to do your daily errands and you find that old
man winter is now laughing at you for admiring his attempt at
creating a false sense of calm at the height of winter by
now letting loose the west winds that are the coldest of the
winds that he has to play with
He does it so well that long after you have gone home
to sit by the warmest of fires you still have a chill
a chill that goes right to the bone giving you a chill right
up your back making you shiver as if you were cold
As January roles around old man winter shows you how
much he likes to play games by making you think that
he has decided to lighten up by giving you a couple
days of warm weather that allows you to come out of that
little funk that you had been in only to hit you
even worse than he had before that by giving you
a little storm that he likes to call a blizzard

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tribulations and Questions

Tribulations and Questions

As life’s tribulations weigh on you mind and the questions show in your eyes
You can’t help but feel lost or alone

As the people who know you, see you with your heavy burden, they start wondering
If you’ll be ok and show you that they will be beside you all the way

As they come to your side you can’t help but cry those happy tears showing everyone
That you care that they are there to be beside you and to guide you all the way

And as time turns the page you feel the weight being lifted off of your shoulders
And the questions fading only to become a distant memory which is all but forgotten

And as life’s tribulations and the questions in your eyes are but fleeting memories
You find that you have one question left which is how to show your gratitude
Even when your friends are telling you only a simple thank you is needed

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