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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the lonely road

The lonely road

When you’re staring down the lonely road and you wish you had someone to run to you, you look around only to see an ocean of strangers on the same journey and you start feeling like you were meant to work alone in this world.

You then start asking your self “what am I doing here” as you realize that your words are almost lost in the flood of noise that is called life

As your journey unfolds you feel lost and confused as the loneliness sets in and you get a feeling
Of despair and of dread that feels like it will never end

While your story unfolds around you, you come upon others who on their journeys are allowing
You not to feel so alone as they come in and out of your life and you are relieved by the realization
That you really are not alone on your journey through this thing called life.

As you walk down the lonely road and see all of the broken dreams you take solace in knowing
That you are not as lonesome as it appears that you areas you have found that one person
Who has just been lost and alone as you and find that they are the one to fill the

Friday, July 27, 2007



Firefighters are more than the people who come when we need them to protect us from fires

Firefighters are the people who we call our friends, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers and the ones who make us proud to call them family knowing that they care enough about us and our communities to risk their very lives for us.

Firefighters are like angels in that they are there for us in our darkest of hours and deepest despair to lift us up when all we want to do is crawl into a little hole and disappear from the pain we feel inside.

Firefighters do more than protect our property from fires, they give us comfort in knowing that people still care and from that they renew our faith in others.

Firefighters show us what true courage really is when they run into burning buildings to save strangers from a most uncertain fate even when they feel helpless inside.

Firefighters are the everyday hero’s that are modest to fault and deserve the respect that they give to everyone but expect from no one.

Firefighters have huge hearts, hearts that show unconditional love, loyalty, friendship and generosity which cannot be contained, which shows through the hard work they do for they do for their communities and for the many charities they give so much for.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

end of the work week

End of the work week

When the week seems to go on for ever and the never ending work has given you the blues, remember that it’s the end of the work weekend and the clock on the wall is now counting down the final hours of the work week to the weekend

As the remaining few minutes of the week are racing away it feels like you just can’t take it any longer, that when the clock finally shows that the work week is done, you feel so tired yet so rejuvenated that you can’t help but let your worries just slip away

When it finally sets in that it is the weekend, you realize that you have the time to do what you want and the happiness that ensues provides contentment that lets you relax enough to let your hair down and wish it would never end

Thursday, July 19, 2007



Angels allow us to know that we are not alone in this world even in the darkest of hours

Angels are the people who we depend upon for support and we are theirs

Angels are the messengers bearing both the best of news and the worst of news

Angels are there to answer our prayers and to show us the way

Angels lift our spirits ups when we think there is no hope left while keeping our hearts and minds grounded in reality

Angels are the little things in our lives that keep us going when we just want to give up and lie in bed

Angels are never who or what we expect and show up when we least expect them but at a time when we need them the most

Angels in the end are there to show us the way and to bring us home while showing us how much we loved others and how much others loved us

Friday, July 13, 2007



Rain can be the most beautiful sight in the world or it can wash away a person’s hopes and dreams

Rain can be the most soothing feeling on a day that has been long and hot or it can be that bone chilling moment on a cool and damp day
Rain as it hits the roof can be the most calming sound after a long frustrating day or it can be that little dripping noise that quietly lets you know that your day is far from over

Rain as it comes down, can be your best friend when things are going smoothly or it can work against you when things are going badly

Rain through all of its splendor and all of its ferocity lets us know that it is a fact of life that isn’t always wanted when we have a lot but always badly needed when we haven’t had enough of it.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


In the reflecting pool we see the reflections of the past
And the reflections of our hopes and dreams

In the eyes of children we see the reflections of our past
And see them as we once were

In times of adversity we see the reflections of the good
Times in our lives that forces us to keep going

In natures simplicity we see the reflections of simpler times
That helps us get past today’s complexities

From the trust we see in our pets we see the reflections of the trust we had
When we were young and had had no reason not to trust

When we see the happiness that a child has for life we see the reflections
Of some of the happiest times in our lives

The reflections we have in our lives, allow us to be everything we need to be to the people who we call our family, our friends and especially the children in our lives



Trust is in knowing that you can depend on what you know when you need to know it

Trust is in knowing that your family will not let you down in times of need

Trust is in knowing that your friends will be there for you in times of need

Trust is in the help you get from the strangers who stop and help you when times get rough

Trust is in knowing that you will be there for your family when they need you

Trust is in knowing that you will help your friends when they need someone to help them

Trust is in knowing that you will be that stranger that stops to help someone else when they need the help

Trust is in knowing that you will be there for anyone who needs your help regardless of what they have done to you or may do to you
Trust is in knowing that you will be the person you need to be when the time comes to be there

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

in times of adversity

In times of adversity

In times of adversity, we find out how well we stand up to the trials in life that test our faith in ourselves

In times of adversity, we find out who our real friends are and how loyal they are to our friendship

In times of adversity, we learn who we can trust, how much we trust them and how much they trust us

In times of adversity we learn to appreciate the quiet times that we cannot stand when we are young and inexperienced in life’s tests

In times of adversity, we learn how to reflect on the happier times of days gone by that never seemed to end

In times of adversity, we find out who we are and in the process finding out whether or not we are the type of person we need to be when we have to stand up for what we believe in

In times of real adversity, each person is the rose that blooms against all odd who’s bloom is the best in the bunch

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