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Thursday, January 24, 2008

the times of our lives

The time of our lives

As little kids time always seems to go on forever and ever
Even as our parents try to teach us that there is a time for everything

As kids time just keeps going and going yet we always rush to get as much fun
Into the days in between the things we must do

As teens, time is something we never have enough of when it comes to
Doing the things that we want to do

As young adults we are always trying to find the time to do all of the things
That we never seem to have the time to do even when it comes to things we love

As we settle into adulthood time seems to blur the line between the days so that they
Seem to blend together when we don’t want them too yet drag on when we
Don’t expect them too

After we are old and grey we reflect on the times of our lives that still remain with us after
All this time only to wonder where did all of the time go

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Angel of Love

Angel of Love

As you’re lying in your bed with the day’s events running through your head,
You wonder how you were so blessed to have a person beside you who
You consider an angel from heaven, who constantly blesses you with love,
A love that you consider a god send, which is the brightest part of your life even
When you feel that you don’t deserve to be there with them loving you so faithfully

As time goes by you learn that you will be blessed with an out pouring of love that
You feel like all you can do is give thanks that your angel found you and
That your angel reminds you of a beautiful water fountain or of a majestic
Waterfall that has a double rainbow in its spray as it cascades down to a waiting
Pool that settles becoming so pristine that it’s like a mirror reflecting the
Beauty right back

Thursday, January 10, 2008

old man winters fun

As old man winter sets up ans shows you the worst he can give,
he makes you wish it would just end tomorrow even
though he has done his best to make all of his fury enchantingly
beautiful with the splendor of each snowflake floating
down looking like it is but a single solitary feather falling on
a beautifully calm windless day
as the enchanting beauty fades with the last snowflake falling
you go to do your daily errands and you find that old
man winter is now laughing at you for admiring his attempt at
creating a false sense of calm at the height of winter by
now letting loose the west winds that are the coldest of the
winds that he has to play with
He does it so well that long after you have gone home
to sit by the warmest of fires you still have a chill
a chill that goes right to the bone giving you a chill right
up your back making you shiver as if you were cold
As January roles around old man winter shows you how
much he likes to play games by making you think that
he has decided to lighten up by giving you a couple
days of warm weather that allows you to come out of that
little funk that you had been in only to hit you
even worse than he had before that by giving you
a little storm that he likes to call a blizzard

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tribulations and Questions

Tribulations and Questions

As life’s tribulations weigh on you mind and the questions show in your eyes
You can’t help but feel lost or alone

As the people who know you, see you with your heavy burden, they start wondering
If you’ll be ok and show you that they will be beside you all the way

As they come to your side you can’t help but cry those happy tears showing everyone
That you care that they are there to be beside you and to guide you all the way

And as time turns the page you feel the weight being lifted off of your shoulders
And the questions fading only to become a distant memory which is all but forgotten

And as life’s tribulations and the questions in your eyes are but fleeting memories
You find that you have one question left which is how to show your gratitude
Even when your friends are telling you only a simple thank you is needed

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