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Thursday, August 30, 2007

why is it

Why is it

Why is it that in times of great adversity that the best or the worst
In us will be brought out

Why is it that during disasters all we want to be is Superman but all we
End up doing is Hulk around while taking it all in

Why is it that we almost never see the short sightedness of our ways until
It is too late to stave off the short comings

Why is it that we have allowed ourselves to become complacent enough that
We just don’t care about the world beyond ourselves

Why is it that we have become a society that is so paranoid that we have become
Afraid of our own shadow and hide behind that fear

Why is it that we lose sight of our hopes and dreams as we get older

Why is it that we can never agree on anything when we try running our countries

Why is it that we have lost sight of the truths that we believe to be self evident to our
Way of life

Saturday, August 25, 2007

can you, will you tell me why

Can you tell me why we turn a blind eye to
The people in need

Will you tell me why you choose to act like you can not
See the hungry child

Can you tell me why no one chooses to see the children
Who need a helping hand

Will you tell me why you feel you can step on
Anyone to get what you want

Can you tell me why people think that their lives are
Far more important than another’s life

Will you tell me why we don’t practice what we preach

Can you tell me why it seems like people just don’t care

Will you tell me why we need to fight

Can you tell me why it is easier to hate than to love

Will you tell me why we are only out for ourselves

Thursday, August 23, 2007



Music is many things to many people and the right music for one may
Not be the right music for another

Music can relax you, it can make you feel happy and can even
Make you feel full of sorrow

Music can inspire great feats or can cause a mournful solace

With music you can find a good beat that really moves you or it can set the
Mood when the moment is right

In it there are times of great jubilation when all you want to do parade around beating
Your own drum

In it there are times of great sorrow to help you ponder what now,
While in quiet reflection to help you through a dark hour

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Safe and Warm

Safe and Warm

When your heart wants to remember, you feel a yearning for what you use
To know, that comes from the memories you hold dear inside.

The feeling of wanting to be safe and warm in someone’s arms comes over you
As your heart yearns to recall those times when you had someone who would
Be there for you and you for them

As the memories try coming back to you a wave of pure happiness comes to life inside
That helps bring back the memories, the memories of the people who have kept
You safe and warm under their wings allowing love to grow inside while allowing you
To become the person they need in return

As the memories start coming back it is only the happy memories that come back giving
You the strength to be who you must while finding someone who can keep you safe
And warm when you need them there

Friday, August 10, 2007

in memorium to my Aunt Peggy 1947-2007

A Sense of Loss

As people come and go in our lives you find out who is important in your
Life and as they leave the ones who are important to you they leave a void that
Cannot be filled by memories of them

When the time comes to say good bye you find that you dread in the fact that you
Will not be with them again in this life and as you muster the strength to face the
Long good bye a feeling of emptiness ascends upon you making you want to hold them tight not
Wanting to let them go

After they are gone a sense of loss sets in with you wishing that it were raining to hide the
Tears in your eyes and all you want to do is find a dark corner to hide in to get away from the
Pain that you feel inside

As the realization sets in of them being gone you start to accept that they are not coming back and
As time goes by the pain may seem less intense yet all the while still feeling the sense of loss
From the void and the only real comfort comes in knowing that they are truly still will us as long as we can still feel the love and remember them and keep them in out hearts

In time we find out how important they were to us through the realization that we find that we
Can still feel them with us even years later just as strongly as if they were still with us standing
Beside us and are there to bring us home when we are called to be with them again

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The early morning walk

The Early Morning Walk

As you walk in the early morning while you are watching the first light
Of dawn you almost start meandering while in the quiet reflection of
Days gone by

While looking out at the mountain tops you look at them like it was your first
Time seeing them and they mesmerize you almost into a trance from
The sheer beauty of them

As the sun slowly rises you can see its reflection on the homes scattered across
The mountainside and ponder how beautifully quiet it must be there

As the sun gives the first light of day you see the early morning mist that leaves
The dew drops on the leaves you feel when you rustle them and the grass
That you walk on

As you walk by and feel the dew on the leaves you start thinking that, that little
Bit felt great while you are taking in the cool refreshing feeling that those
Dew filled leaves gives you on your bare skin

You start reflecting on how much fun it was in those days gone by to be
Watching the sun come up when you had nothing else to do but relax and
Enjoy your free time

When you’re almost done with your early morning walk you can see the sun rise even
Higher allowing you to see the beauty of the mountainside with the homes
That dot them and you wish that you had that scene as your back yard

Saturday, August 4, 2007



Farming, from an outsiders view is a simplistic life that everyone seems to yearn for
But few hope to have

In reality, a simplistic life it is not but rather a hard life, that teaches humility, the real value
Of hard work, patience and perseverance especially when the weather doesn’t
Co-operate during the growing season

Farming humbles people who little respect or little knowledge of what it truly takes to
Grow food to feed a family let alone a multitude of people who don’t care where
Their food comes from or what it took to get it to them

Farming it may have little respect in the urban areas but it truly is one of the noblest of jobs
There is and the people who do the farming deserve the utmost respect for their efforts
And their sacrifice given the hardships that they endure

Where their livelihood depends on being able to grow food we need to show them
The support they truly deserve to have given the fact we could not go on with
Our day to day lives without them growing our food for us

If we lose our farms we lose ourselves and if we lose ourselves what we consider
Important will not matter since there will be no one to do that which we
Feel important in our day to day lives

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

a four legged friend

A four legged friend

As she goes about her daily routine that everyone seems to enjoy, she refines her ability
To jump up and catch the flies that always seems to fly in unseen when someone comes or

When she has had her fill of trying to catch that fly that bothers her so, she retreats to her
Favorite spot looking out, looking out for her next play toy to come along

As she gets up from her perch on the window sill, she proudly stretches before
Meandering over to you for you to pay attention to her, when she finally gets to you
She circles you feet hoping you stroke her fur, as she circles your feet she
Does it so slowly and so close you can feel her tail waving hard and fast

Before you get the chance to reach down to pat he, she sees something out of the
Corner of her eye and runs off to see what it is, when she realizes that it is a field
Mouse that she can use as a play toy she patiently waits for the right moment
To pounce all the while crouching down and ever so slowly crawling
To the mouse hoping to be unseen until she finally pounces and bats him
With her paws, with finally in the mouse’s daze he runs off not to be seen again

As she settles down and is proud of her playing, she meanders over a period of what
Seems like hours hops up on your lap rubbing her head on your chin and starts purring
With contentment, as you start to pat her she lays down across your lap purring and
With her tail wagging ever so gently until she finally falls a sleep happily on your lap

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