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Thursday, February 26, 2009

wanting to be something more

Wanting to be something more

How can I let you know that you are the one I want to be with, when it looks
Like you don’t have the same feelings for me

How can we be friends when I feel I cannot let my guard down when it comes to
Expressing my feelings for you out of fear of destroying our friendship

Will there ever be a time where I can openly express my feelings for you with out
It looked on badly

If I had the chance would I be capable of finding out if you want to be something more
With me as well

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How can I

How can I

How can I show happy I am when I feel so empty inside

How can I express myself happily when I am full of sadness

How can I be happy for someone who looks like they have friends at every turn
When I feel all alone inside

How can I express how good it feels to be included in things when I feel like
An outsider looking in

How can I show that I belong when I feel like I don’t belong

How do I show someone how much they mean to me when all I feel is a sense
Of longing for someone that isn’t even there

How can I feel so empty inside when there is so much to be happy for

How can I be full of sadness when there is reason for me to express myself happily

How can I feel so alone inside when there are people there wanting to be my friends

How can I feel as if I don’t belong when I have been shown that I belong

How can I feel like an outsider looking in when people are including me in on things

How can I feel a sense of longing when there is someone out there waiting for me to find them

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Friendship isn't always what you expect it to be and can be a wonderous adventure that can go almost anywhere
Friendship is almost never dull since friends are usually comfortable enough to make fools of themselves and each other
friendship may only last a few days or it can last a lifetime
friendship when the friends care show their support in ways that are not always easy to express
friendship provides a level of trust between two or more people that cannot come from any other source
friendship in the end allows people to be friends to the end

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Waiting on a Cue

Waiting on a cue

As you stand there waiting on a cue never knowing the truth, your only regret
Is never knowing if the one dream that came true is the one thing that
You had to leave behind so you can move on even though a part of that dream
Stays with you

As the time goes by ever so slowly you realize that the person who made that one
Dream come true gave you a piece of them to you willingly due to needing
You there for them as much as you needed them and that is what keeps you going
As you are there pondering what you should do

And as you are standing on the edge of the precipice which overlooks what
Lays before you, you realize that even though you have a regret that you could
Not include that one person who made your dream come true, you still have
The memories of that friendship at the beginning of the next step in your life
To guide you and to give you comfort as you move along without the
Person that had given of himself which now allows you to be whom youMeant to be

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