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Sunday, August 31, 2008

nieces and nephews

nieces and nephews
a niece likes to tune out the world and be in a world of her own
nephews are endlessly distracted by what others seem to consider mondain
a niece loves secretly talking to her friends especially when she knows she should not be doing it just then
nephews always seem ready to play sports just for the sake of running around like mad men
a niece would rather her parents come to her level rather than trying to grow to their level
nephews love playing video games while having you play the games for them as they watch
nieces and nephews tend not to let you think they care but when something goes wrong they are among the first to wonder what happened and why you are hurt
in the end they are among the kindest people anyone could ever want to know and don't know how you would live without them in your world

Monday, August 18, 2008

This One Thing

This One Thing

If there were one thing that I knew of, I may not understand why,
It may not even be something that I know to be on my mind

That one thing may keep me enthusiastic and just sort of happens when I least
Expect it, it could be the one simple thing that has been eluding to something but
Yet has always been eluding me

It may make me restless and giddy like a child in his element by being
Who he wants to be

This one thing could give you the hunger; the drive to make you capable of
Doing what you have always wanted to do

But in the end that one thin is unique to the individual for that individual is the
Only one who can figure out what that one thing is for himself

Monday, August 11, 2008

the first day of a new job

the first day of a new job can be very tiresome
the first day of a new job can be very hectic
the first day of a new job can seem like it will never end
the first day of a new job can be exhilarating
the first day of a new job is a welcome event when it is wanted
the first day of a new job is always a life changing event

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bit by BIt

Bit by Bit

With each passing step we feel as if all we are just pawns in a chess match
That we are tempted and enticed into playing the game even as we
Watch each other get torn apart bit by bit from not being able to see
That we are feeding an unseen addiction that has taken hold of our

As the emptiness we feel sets in, and is, the only thing that remains you wish
There were people there to help you play the game but all you can do
To release the pain is to yell out “will you come out and play with me”
For anyone and everyone to hear the sound of your voice as you wonder
If there is anyone out there to hear you

While the pain in your heart feels like it is mounting up you can’t help but not
Want to get up in the morning with it causing your head to spin out of control you
Get up just to know that you are still alive and to let them know that the
Battle is till going on even though it looks like they have torn you apart bit
By bit

Step by step you show them that even though you have been tossed around like a
Toy soldier, battle wages on past the emptiness that they have given you so
That everyone around you sees that even with being torn apart bit by bit they
Still have something to fight for and they are the ties that bind, like brotherhood
Family, and love which is a goal that is always in sight from the start but
Attained through the battle that wages on

Saturday, August 2, 2008

As time goes by

As time goes by

As the time goes by and you are feeling like you are old and gray
You can’t tell if there is anyone who still cares even as everyone shows
That they do still care

With each new day they show you that what you taught them is like the
Mighty tree that you planted and watched over as it grew into what
They are today due to you making sure they were well rooted in
Their lives

They can’t help but tell you that even though they didn’t show it when growing
Up they are proud of what you sacrificed for them by showing you the
Seeds that they have planted with it being their turn to watch things take
Root and it looks like a small but hardy flowering bush that will
Grow into a towering rose bush that has the most beautiful roses which
Bloom so beautifully in the spring and summer of what we call life

In the end when you have realized that everyone still cares it is like seeing
That illusive double rainbow that has the brilliantly vivid colors that
Seem to just wash over your very existence in every way and
Radiating an energy that allows you to feel the happiest that you have ever
Been while momentarily giving you a feeling of youthful vigor

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