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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Resolution

As the year winds down and you get ready to
make the rounds with your friends celebrating the
new year you make the normal resolutions that your
friends wish you to make.
In reality you have already made your new years
resolutions and are hoping that this time it
comes true knowing that you did your best to
make sure you can live up to your resolution this time.
Your new years resolution is a wish, a wish that you
need to see through to fruition for you know that
it will not come to pass without you making an honest
attempt at seeing it happen.
As the hours wind down you look back with some
happiness for the good times that you shared and some
regret over the times you could not do anything to
help wishing only to be there for those who mean the
most to you.
Happy New Year to one and to all,
may the New Year be a joyous one for you
and for those who mean the most to you.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

For a friend, text of a card I made for her retirement

With the hard earned retirement approaching,
everyone is happy that you are finally getting the
well deserved retirement.

At the same time we are saddened by the fact we will
no longer have you here everyday to brighten our day and
will miss you dearly, leaving only the memories that everyone
will cherish.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

When we try

When we try

When we try our best and it feels like we’ve tried so hard but gotten only so far
We can’t help but feel like we need someone to lean on

When we try and feel like we need someone to lean on, we try to hide away
Hoping that the people we can lean on will not see us in our despair

As we try we try so hard to do our best even when we feel like our best
Is not enough to given the outcome

As we try and feel like we have gotten only so far we find that we have friends that
Are willing to show us that we have gotten further than we thought

When we try, we show that we can be the ones to lean on when others
Think that their attempts are in vain when they have tried so hard

As we try we show that when we try so hard we cannot loose it all even
When we start to feel small from it not going our way

When we try, we are never alone in anything we do and we are shown by others that
Even when we think only went so far that we went much further than we thought

And in the end as we’ve tried and leaned on others we learn that those we depended on
Were leaning on us as well drawing from our strength in turn giving us strength

Sunday, December 9, 2007

where you are going and what are you looking for

Where you are going and what are are you looking for

When you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re looking for, you feel
Like you are a lost soul that cannot find its way

As you go along trying to find where you are going and finding what you are looking for,
You realize that you have grown up so much that you barely recognize yourself

Through your searching for where you are going you learn to find your way down your
Own path that can only be charted by you

As you start to figure out what you are looking for you realize that you have always known
What you are looking for without even knowing that you knew what it was

In all of your searching you find that you are not such a lost soul after all for through your
Travels you find that things seemed to fall into place when you needed them to it the most

And as time goes on you find where you were looking for and it was right where
You needed to be for others who were lost just like you helping them to bring find
Where they were going as you learn that helping them was what you were looking for

In the end you end up going somewhere that you never expected to go and finding
Something that you never expected to find

Sunday, December 2, 2007

winters first snow

winters first snow
Winters first snow always seems better than
the rest of the snowfall of the season
winters first snow always appears to come
down with warmth even in the coldest of nights
winters first snow almost always seems lighter
than the rest
winters first snow always seems to dance around
joyfully and playfully
winters first snow may not amount to much but
in years gone by it almost always seems like much more
winters first snow always seems magical even in
the worst of times that can be

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