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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Job loss

Job Loss

Job loss is always stressful even in the best of times

Job loss can make even the strongest of people have a defeatist attitude

Job loss can be a time of reflection on what you have accomplished
When it comes to what you have done with your life

Job loss will always be a time to gather you thoughts on what you would
Hope to accomplish in the future

Job loss can be a good way of coming out of a rut and finding real direction
As to what you would like to do with your life

Job loss even when expected is never what you expect and rarely looks like a good
Thing when it happens but, a good thing years later when in reflection of what
You have done with your life

Job loss always has the potential of being a good thing or a bad thing
Depending on how you choose to deal with it and what you make of it

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Feelings for Love

Feelings for Love

When you feel that you will loose them if you don’t use them just
So you can have someone at your side

You think it doesn’t really matter since you feel you have no right to
Use them just to have someone there

As you feel that you may have to take the fall for wanting to use them you
Find that the truth of the matter is that those feelings are not justified since
They show you that they want to be there with you

When you start coming around you find that they had the same feelings as you
And that they realized that they should express themselves because they thought
That love may not be enough to keep each other going

When it finally sets in that you will never loose them you realize that the
Feelings you had over using them to have them by your side start to fade out
Of existence while being replaced with feelings of utter joy at their desire
To be there with you as well

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No matter what gets in the way

No matter what gets in the way

Sometimes when it seems harder it is we can take a night that
We were hoping to be a perfect night and make it a night that we
Wish never happened

At times we wonder if we are meant to be there for each other with all
Of the things that get in the way

There are times when you cannot help but just be there waiting and watching,
Hoping that something gives until your defenses are melted by an action
That shows that no matter how bad it gets they will be there for you, to support you, To love you

As the years go by, you find that no matter what has gotten in the way or may
Get in the way nothing will make the love you share subside but rather it has only
Made your love for each other grow more and more

With the problems we have faced and the problems will face, no matter what gets in
The way we will be there for each other when we are in times of trouble and there for
Each other when we are at our happiest

Sunday, March 9, 2008

at the beginning

At the Beginning

At the beginning love is a journey that you hope will
Be ever lasting and ever growing

At the beginning you think that the love cannot last

At the beginning you feel that love is and endless river
That cascades over you and allowing the feelings flow out
Of you as strongly as a river flows

At the beginning with the love of you life as you look at what you
Hope the love will become and you see a long and winding road that
You hope will never end

At the beginning you ask yourself what did I do to deserve the
Unconditional love that is being given to you

At the beginning the love you find gives you a renewed hope that
Gives you a new lease on life

At the beginning you find that you are standing next to someone that
You never expected to be with

At the beginning you realize that in the end you are on a remarkable
Journey that is as wondrous as you will ever have that will be the happiest
Time of your life
At the beginning when you were a stranger no one expected your heart
To be captured on the journey and find that the adventure called love is
Well worth the search

At the beginning as you realize that this is the one you find that this is the
One you want to grow old with and be with when the world ends

Sunday, March 2, 2008

In the End

In the End

When your lost and all alone you feel that you
Will have to face the world standing on your own
With no one there to support you when you have your
Tail between your legs

As the days go by you find that you keep running into people
Who when they see you down and out attempting to help you out
Of that slump that has had you so down in the dumps

With out knowing it you try telling them that in the end you don’t know
How anyone can change your reality where there has been no one there for
So long that has been willing to be there for you

As you are showing how far down in the dumps you are the people who
Have chosen to help you show that those feelings of dread have no basis
Due to showing you that in the end your reality can be changed by their love
And in the end it does their love dose effect your reality enough to lift youUp out of that world that has you lost and feeling like you are all alone

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