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Monday, May 26, 2008

For those who have paid the ultimate price

For those who have paid the ultimate price

Those who’s had to learn to live off of the land and to fight hand to hand
They have trained long and hard for what they believe in and that is to be the
Best in what they consider a job in that is honorable and in the line of fire
They have proven that they are deserving of our unwavering
Support by standing by them no matter what others would have them do

Those of them who found that they could step up to the plate in adversity and
Thru the hardships that they have to endure have found their place in this world and
Can only show the people who rely on them their true colors when
They are called to duty to defend our sanctity and our honor as needed

As we remember those of them who have paid the ultimate price in defending our
Way of life we must keep their sacrifice in our hearts and minds so that we
Forget what they gave so that we will not make the mistakes that others have
Made which caused us to ask them to make the ultimate sacrifice

With the memorials going up to honor them we must eulogize the loss with their
Families for the moment so that we can learn to remember the people who have served
In a positive light as we keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds through
Remembering what made them who they were and standing up for what was important
Enough to them to get them to make it better for everyone

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

Without you I could not have been the one who I was expected to be when
All you had to do is show me that I was the love in your life

As I try to learn to live without your friendship that I have grown accustomed too
I feel a great emptiness inside that is swelling more and more each day from this void
I have inside that use to be where your love use to fill

While the time passes, every second seems like an hour and every hour seems like a day
As I walk aimlessly through the places we always felt happiest when we just needed to
Be there for each other at the end of everyday

Now that you are gone I wish I was there with you to guide you and be beside you
Until you get to where you were are going now even though you have to do it alone
And my only conciliation is that we will be together again somewhere someday
With you there to guide me to where we can be together again

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Matter of Trust and Love

A Matter of trust and Love

When those around you see that you are trying to do right by others
Through showing the kindness needed to help those who are brought to
You that are in need of your caring touch

You find that those who need your caring touch are willing to show you a
Great deal of trust even when they barely have the strength to show it and as
You place them where they can get the most help those who you have proven
Yourself with let you know that they will not let you down

In those times where someone breaches that trust by showing heartlessness that
Makes you feel like all of your efforts are for not and that it isn’t worth keeping it up
Those who trust you the most show you that you should not be down on yourself
For the heartlessness of those who hurt those that you love the most

And as you are still reeling from the heartlessness and the pain it caused
Those who have placed their trust in you show you that they care enough about
You to try their best to show you that you are a far better person than those
Heartless people could ever be by showing that the love you have given to them
Is reciprocated back to you many more times than you could ever imagined

Friday, May 2, 2008

When the world shows that you're not invincible

When the world shows that you’re not invincible

When you find that you life has shown you that are not as invincible as
You would like people to think, you try to keep a good face on it
By showing that it will not let it beat you

As the initial shock subsides and you gather yourself back so you can go on
With what you know will keep your mind off of it you realize that at
Some point you will have to think about it again so all you can do
Is privately dwell on it until someone comes along to take your mind off of it

When you finally get use to knowing that you are not invincible you gradually
Start to go through the process of accepting what you have found out
And either let it consume you or stand up and fight it
with everything you’ve got inside of you letting yourself and others know
who you really are inside

if you stand up and fight it you show that you are that much stronger and
makes others feel as if you are invincible if you come through unscathed in your
attempt to fight the good fight especially if you are not fighting it for yourself
which lets others know that you are fighting because you care for those who
mean the most to you or for those that show that you are their everything,
their world, their reason for being

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