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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The tie that binds

The tie that binds

When you are the tie that binds you find that you can’t
Just walk the line; you are the one that has to tow the line

You find that to just walk the line will not let you get by with
All of those who need you to be there

When you tow the line everyone thinks that you are just a pain
When they would like to do what they want

As you learn to tow the line you find that there is no greater
Job out there and not everyone be the tie that binds

When time goes by you find that being the tie that binds it is easy
To make people think you are just walking the line even when you
Are really towing the line

Friday, July 18, 2008

something to believe in

Something to Believe in

When it feels like there is nothing there to believe in, it can feel like you
Are lost and all alone in this great big world

When people who care see someone that looks like they have lost it all and
That have nothing left to believe in, they have a knack for finding the one thing
That, that someone can believe in

When you are walking down that cold dark street you can’t help but feel like you are a lost
Soul who is out of place with the feeling that there is nothing left to believe in that is worth
Believing in given all the things you see and hear around you

As you take the time to look back you find that for all of those feelings of being
Lost and alone you have allowed someone to be there to guide you allowing
That someone to have something to believe in

When all is said and done that one person that you unknowingly gave something to
Believe in, you found that they are the one thing that you can truly believe in

Monday, July 7, 2008



Fun is that one place that everyone would rather be

Fun isn’t always about a child playing or an adult relaxing

Fun is a place, that place that invigorates you

Fun is that energy that makes you giddy and happy

Fun is seeing your wishes come true over the horizon

Fun can be shared with others or can be there just for you

Fun in the end is what you want and what you make of it

Will you make the Change

Will you make the change

As we look out at the world we see things that we wish we didn’t have to see
And they bother us enough to either help make changes or just look away

Could it be that we make the choice in response to who we are inside
Rather than whom we would like to be

The question has to be when making that choice is can we live with the person
We see in the mirror everyday

Can you make the choice to make that change both inside and to
Change those things that you don’t want to see

Are you willing to make things right for those who you would just turn
Your back on

As we go about our business we must make it our business to be that person
Who can help rather than turning blind eye and saying someone needs
To help that person

In the end the type of world you wish to live in will influence the
Decision you make on whether to make the changes or just to look away

How, Why and Where

How, Why and Where

Why is that we hardly ever practice what we preach

Why is it that we question the best of intentions

How is we choose not to respect each other as we ask for that same respect
That we are rejecting

How is it that that all we want is to be greedy and only wanting to make money

Why is it that we turn a blind eye to the pain that we cause

How is it that we force people to feel the weight of the world on their shoulders
Rather than sharing the responsibility

Why is there so much negativity and selfishness in this world

Why can’t we effectively teach fairness and equality

What ever happened to our principles

Where did our best intentions go wrong with our world

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

until our paths cross again

Until our paths cross again

Even though this short period of time flew by so quickly it seems like
An eternity has passed since you left

As the days go by the pain lessens with time but it never really subsides
Even as the memories we hold so dear seem to fade into memories that appear
Long ago and far away that we try so hard to recall

While we learn to go on with out you in our lives we can never really forget
Your treasured friendship, your valued insight and your unwavering
Love that was always unending

Though you are gone we all look forward to the day that God has set aside for you
To be there to welcome us home and until that day we wish you the best of journeys
That will bring you back to us that day that our paths with cross again

The reflection of my true colors

The reflection of my true colors

When you look at me who do you see, do you see someone who’s reflection
Is of who they really are given your memories of them

How can I pass for that person in the reflection when that person in the
Reflection isn’t really who I am inside

How can I truly be who I am when everyone around me has expectations of what
I should be like stemming from their ideas of who I should be

When can I show my true colors so I can be who I am inside so I can
Be happy with who I am inside

How do I know when everyone is ready to see the reflections of my
True colors

Can it be that I am not meant to play the part that everyone would have me

Could it be that if I were to be myself that I would break the hearts of those
Who care about me

I feel that I cannot hide who I really am even though I know that
Even if I tried they could see right through me

When will the reflection show my true colors inside

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