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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Symphony of Life

The symphony of life

Though the years of life you find that with each passing year
You discover new ways and find new faces that add to their own
Unique ways of showing you the good and the bad

As each new thing you do and each new friend you make you find that
It becomes more of a melody and even though it may not always be
Harmonious you find that you would not trade them in for something
Else due to the way they pull on your heart strings

And as you find the one who will make those heart strings feel more
Alive you find over time that you have now grown in ways you could never
Have imagined and as your family grows you teach your family those same
Melodies that have made you who you are today, while they instinctively try
To do things to the beat of their own drum that hasn’t been fine tuned

While it is trying for everyone they eventually learn those melodies that
Will eventually guide them they learn to play those melodies in their own
Unique ways showing you that what you have tried to teach them for so long
Really did take hold even though they didn’t let you see it happen

With the years passing and the children that you have raised show that they
Now have a family and come home to show you that they are teaching those same
Melodies to their children that you taught to them many years ago letting you
Know that for them you are the maestro in a symphony, a symphony that this
The symphony of life that they are more than happy to be a part of and would not
Have it any other way

And through the years as the family gets bigger the more melodious it becomes as
Each new member enters on cue strumming on the heart strings as they learn
Where their part is and how to play those heart strings in unison that allows it to
Become harmonious with everyone else

Sunday, June 22, 2008

being strong

Being Strong

As you stop your crying and see that everything is all right you see that
There is someone there to hold you warm in their strong arms and find
That they had to hide their crying to be strong for you and with you

Even though you seem so small you appear to have the strength to keep me
Here with you wanting to be strong for you until you have it in you to
Be strong for those who need the strength in those times they need someone
There to hold them tight and safe when the world seems like it’s against them
Until you’ve shown that there is someone there for them to be strong for

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Right here waiting for tomorrow

Right here waiting for tomorrow

When, it seems as if we are oceans apart day after day and as the world gets in
The way, making me go insane from not seeing you or hear your voice

It makes me wonder how we have survived all this time with us always on the go
Never being able to hold each other for long but I know that I will be right
Here for you when you come home

And thinking of the tomorrows when we can be there with each other, keeps me
Going until we can be there at home with each other in the arms of one another
Remembering all those times where we had that were so special with the
Little time we had

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Walk through the valley of the Shadow

A Walk through the valley of the Shadow

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we learn who we have become
As we relive those times that never really seemed important to us we find that
We have some regrets when it comes to dealing with those we have loved but lost through
Not knowing what we had till it was too late to stop the hurt

We over time as the shadow grows learn that we cannot keep seeking those things that
Create situations that prevent us from being there for those who would need our help to
Get past the hurting inside caused by others who could not be bothered to care enough about
How the people they hurt really feel

As the tries to grow long to reach you, you find that you are not so blind to those who you
Could have hurt from striving for that something that you could not get even with stepping
On those who you thought were in your way but only wanted to show that there were
People there willing to care enough to want to help you reach for that thing you wanted so much

As the shadow of death comes to show you the mistakes you have made through not caring
You find that you are no longer afraid of him due to the voices and the visions from the past that
Have preceded him getting you to change how you feel about the people in your life that
You wish could make amends too that can only be done through paying their love forward

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dancing with Memories

Dancing with Memories

Dancing there remembering those times that happened so long ago
You can almost remember those that have held you close in their arms
From long ago and how safe and warm it felt then
As you dance there you show your dance partner how strong those memories are
By happily giving the same embrace that has kept your memories alive and well even
Though those feelings stretch from long ago and far away which allows your
Dance partner to add to those memories and making them stronger

Friday, June 6, 2008

the yesterdays, today's and tomorrows

The Yesterdays, Today’s and Tomorrows

In the yesterdays, we were shown that we could be lifted up out of the fear
That we have allowed ourselves to get use to from never knowing

We learn in the todays that we can use those voices from the past that we had
Let go unheard due to not wanting to hear the truths that we didn’t want to know

Fighting for the tomorrows, we find that the things we wanted left untold has given us
A fire beneath our skin that can only be dealt with using a gentle hand that allows that fire
To ignite a passion that in turn teaches others that there is more than the fear and the
Anger that they hold inside which keeps them from experiencing unconditional love

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