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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In memory of my brother Tommy Davis


You always did what you want even if it was something that you shouldn't regardless of what your immediate family did to look out for you.

Health wise you were given the short end of the stick given you health problems early in life and then the health problems that arose after you moved to Hawaii

When we worked together at J. J. Daly you were a good worker and a friend to most people who worked there.

You always tried your best to be friends with everyone and loved kids

Growing up we went on long walks with dad  up to Castle Island and to Downtown Boston/the North End, as you grew into adulthood you continued those long walks with visiting firehouses making friends along the way.  When our niece Heather was old enough to go for walks you would bring her sometimes with her loving those walks.

When it came to me, ma, dad and Danielle you always seemed to ask for opinions on different things and it seemed like you did the exact opposite of what our opinions were.  Most times you seemed to listen to friends but still at times you did the opposite of what they said as well.

We knew that you wanted a family of your own and tried to get you to find someone local but it looked like you either didn't want someone local or that you thought that no one local would want you given that you went way out of your way to bring your ex-wife here and tried to bring another lady to the country even though this time it sounded like a scam.

You made a number of friends the last couple years you were in Hawaii and they looked after you while you were homeless and I am grateful beyond words for that.  In the end we know you considered the people who tried to help you out the most like family, where when we talked to the lady that considered you to be her brother, it sounded like you were a pain in the butt in the same way that you were a pain in the butt when it came to me, ma, dad and Danielle.

I know that you felt that you couldn't move back home to be with us even though we kept pleading with you to come home and know that you felt all alone where you were at times you were almost pleading for either me or dad to visit at times there even though you knew that we couldn't afford to come visit.

I wish we could have talked more than we did and could have seen each other again.  I never once thought that the day I seen you off at South Station in March or April of 2008 would be the last time I saw you in person and now wish that I had gotten a picture with you on that day and wish that you had never left.

regardless of how much of a pain in the butt you were at times you were still a good person and didn't deserve to end up leaving this world the way you did.

I hope that you are able to walk with no problems and have your full hearing back.

May you Rest in Peace.

Thank you for the time we had together Thomas James Davis, January 23, 1970 to September 5, 2014

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