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Saturday, September 29, 2007



The subtle changes let us know that one of the most beautiful times of year is coming.
When you realize that those subtle changes have come, you look around in awe from the beauty
If the changing of the leaves and from the shadows of the trees that now appear larger as they come to life from the wind causing them to dance around and from the rustling leaves.

As the foliage heightens the leaves sound like music in the wind after the long shadows have come to pass, when it rains it feels ever more refreshing with the stillness in the air that almost feels
Electric yet cool without the briskness of winter as the rain hits the leaves which are already turning, it almost sound like a soft drum beat.

As the leaves turn and eventually fall as they must the wind picks them up and plays with them in doing so sweeps them away into the unknown abyss that they seem to find in their travels. As they go they almost seem to talk to you in a rhythm reminiscent of a fond memory that had long been forgotten.

After the leaves have all gone and the trees are bare, you notice in the twilight that the branches seem like out stretched hands and arms in the shadows that they create in the setting sun that is given even more character by the sounds of the night especially by the grand old owl who
Sounds like he is calling out to you asking you who and wishing a good night even though you know he is just hooting.

In the predawn morning as you are waking and getting ready for your day you hear that grand old owl once again wishing you a good day as he is tucking himself in for his daily sleep, and it seems to echo from all around now that trees no longer have their leaves. As you leave in the first light of day those same shadows that you seen the night before are there so see you off only this time a little smaller and a little less imposing.

Over time you notice a sweet scent in the air that comes with the coolness that seems to fade
As the coolness brings on the briskness of winter and as you notice the weather changing you wish that this time of year would never end as you realize the your favorite time of year has come to greet you.

As autumn finally sets in you know that it will come to pass long before you are ready for
It to go and long for it to stay well past its turn.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

why do we, how can we

Why do we, how can we

Why do we turn a blind eye when we see others in need

Why should we expect help in our time of need, when we turned a blind eye on
Those who could have helped us

How can we stand idle when we see the innocence taken from others

How can we be so shallow that we feel that our own personal plight is far more
Important than the plight of others

Why do we find it easier to kill each other over our beliefs rather than being respectful
And tolerant of the beliefs of others

How did we become a society that prefers finger pointing over our need to take responsibility For our own actions

How do we get past our differences when we cannot agree on anything

Why do we let people get to us in a negative way

Why is it that we hardly live up to our own standards and beliefs

Why is it that we can’t help each other and be friends

Friday, September 21, 2007

how and when

How and when

In someone’s darkest hour how do we comfort them

In someone’s darkest hour how can we get them to rest their weary head

How can we help someone in pain when they just want to run and hid from the pain

When someone is down and out how can we cheer them up

When someone is down and out how can we show them that there is more to life

How do you help someone that needs help when they don’t want it

When someone is in need how do you help them and allow them to keep their dignity

How do you help someone get over a heartache

How do you help someone out when you feel the weight of the world on your own shoulders

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a simple act of kindness

A simple act of kindness

A simple act of kindness may not seem like a lot to the person who is giving it

A simple act of kindness can go a lot further than you can ever know when that kindness
Is the highlight of someone’s day

A simple act of kindness can brighten up someone’s day when their day has seemed long
And unending to them

A simple act of kindness given to a child can brighten up your day when you see the
Happiness in their eyes which is an unspoken thank you

A simple act of kindness may be such a simple act that it could be picking up something up
For someone that cannot do it themselves or holding the door for someone who has his
Hands full and unable to open it

A simple act of kindness may be given with out even thinking of it which makes you feel even
Better after the person has shown their gratitude

A simple act of kindness may not appear to be much of anything at the time but it is
Always paid forward to someone else that could use that kindness

Sunday, September 9, 2007

the mornings walk in the change of season (summer to fall)

The mornings walk in the change of season
(Summer to fall)

Walking in the early morning when the weather just starts its seasonal change
You notice the subtle changes to the breeze that feels invigorating yet relaxing as
You walk through the early morning just hinting at the first light of day

As you take your walk each morning you start noticing other subtle changes to the
Plants and the habits of the creatures of the early morning while taking notice
Of the simple fact that the early morning breeze is now a slightly cool wind

As the days go by those subtle changes to the plants turn into the leaves of the trees
Turning magnificent colors fueled by the nightly dips of temps while having less sun
Light for them to take in and as they fall off of the trees you notice that it
The breeze turned into a wind that rustles the leaves of the trees with blowing off the leaves that
Is ready to come off

You also notice that the animals that only come out during the morning darkness just before the first hint of morning light are scurrying around to find a place to hide out and to find a safe
Place to sleep. As they notice that you are there, they scurry back into where they came from
Waiting for you to pass on you morning walk

When the change of season is in full swing you notice that the animals that once were tucked away
In their hiding spots when the weather was warmer and the sun was brighter at that time of day
Are now out and about doing their own thing unbothered by you as long as you don’t get
Too close, you get to see them as they act naturally and you get to see animals you would not
Otherwise get to see during any other time of the day

As the change of season comes to a close that subtle breeze is now a cold wind letting you know
That winter is on its way

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Children, they are our future

Children should not be troubled with adult worries

Children need to be protected while taught to defend themselves

Children should be cherished

Children need our support and given a sense of direction

Children need to learn to be their own people free from the parental
Insecurity that so many have

Children most of all loved and understood

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