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Monday, February 15, 2010

page 2 of a story I am working on

As the couple walked trying to catch up to the realtor while walking down the dirt path, it seemed to go on forever. The further down the dirt path they walked, the rockier it got to the point that there were boulders mixed with the trees along both sides of the path. After a while, the lady came out and asked, with how long of a walk it is how come we didn’t take one of the vehicles, the path looks wide enough to have a small car drive down it?
The realtor then stopped, turned to the lady and said in somewhat of an angry voice that there are a few spots that could and would break an axle if your not careful. The realtor then turned back around, while mumbling something under her breath and started rubbing what looked to be some sort of key ring as she picked up her pace. The couple then just looked at each other for a few seconds then started walking again as fast as they could to catch up to the realtor.
As they were approaching the end of the dirt path it seemed to get darker as they walked, with the couple taking notice of the fact that there appeared to be more trees and closer together. When they finally caught sight of the end of the dirt path, it appeared like a really bright backdrop to the surroundings. When they got to the clearing that was at the far end of their property, they seen a short distance away the well and the pumpkin patch. The realtor as they were walking told the couple that as soon as they got to the well and the pumpkin patch, she could not stay and rest due to having to go to another property she has for sale.
As they got to the well, they went right to the well to sit on the edge of the well. They turned to where the realtor should be so they could ask her to take the time to rest, but instead she wasn’t there. The however did hear her say, if you want me you know how to reach me but failed to see where her voice was coming from, even thought she had been beside them all the way there.
While they were there they noticed on the wall of the well itself there were what appeared to be grave markers on the top where the bucket would sit. After noticing the grave markers, they looked down to see if they could see any disturbed ground but the growth on the ground from the pumpkins was too think to see with any certainty whether or not there was any graves there.
Looking at the sun as it looked like it was getting ready to set, the lady said to her husband that she felt it was time for them to head back. They then decided not to walk back along the dirt path that they had walked down to get there and instead decided to walk out in the open in the fields where there was more sunlight. As they started on their way, the guy ended up saying that where they had so many pumpkins, he would be given the chance to perfect his pumpkin recipes and create some new ones with having some pumpkins left over.
While walking they surveyed their new property as they went, after a while of walking they noticed something lying on the ground a little ways away. Not realizing what it was they hurried to see what it was and when they got close enough to see the shape of it they thought that it was a person laying face down in the dirt. After hurrying to get to what they thought was someone lying in the dirt, they get there and realize that it really wasn’t a person but rather just a scarecrow that had been taken off of its wood supports and left there on the ground.
For a couple minutes they just looked at it while it laid there, they were amazed at how life like it was and from what they could see it had been there a long time going by the indentation in the ground. When they had their fill of seeing the scarecrow in the position he was in, they turned him over and found that it had an almost life like face which they had not expected and it ended up startling them. What startled them the most was how good the scarecrow looked given how deep he was in the dirt.
They noticed a couple minutes later that the wooden support for the scarecrow wasn’t too far away, even though it looked a lot more weathered then he did, so the guy told his wife we should put him back up where he belongs. Once they had him back up on his support, they then continued back towards their new home dreading it to some degree. They dreaded it due to what little they seen being so run down that they were almost afraid to return to it.

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