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Friday, April 18, 2008

An Angel in You

An Angel in You

When people think that you are their angel you always seem to find that one
Reason not to believe that you are good enough, good enough to be that someone to
Allow yourself to find out that you are that one person that they want there to be there for
Them in their one true time of need

You try to show that all you are is a distraction to that someone when you think that
Someone else would Be the real angel even when you know that you have what it takes to be the One who can do what it takes when they need someone the most no matter what anyone
Thinks when it comes to what can be done

As the endlessness starts to show from the lack of comfort from you not wanting to show
That you can provide a second chance, they show that you are just trying to hide away
From all that you know due to all of the times you have had to prove that you
Do not want to fail during those times of hardship where all you see is vultures at your back

During that dark time they are willing to pull you from that wreckage to show others that
You have made it okay and to show that fear is natural even in the strongest of people
You pull from the wreckage the one thing that you can consider a source of strength even
If it means abandoning what you think is a good life so others can have faith

And when they have been shown to be in the arms of an angel proving to everyone but
Yourself that, that someone can have some comfort they prove you wrong about you not being
That angel that they so desperately need, showing you that you have lifted them up higher
Than they have ever been raising them to new heights through your faith in them and realizing
That they are your angel for believing in you so faithfully

Friday, April 11, 2008

a playground in your memories

A playground in your memories

As time goes by and you find that you are yearning for something that cannot
Be explained you find that the best thing to do is remember the good times that
You always seemed to have when you were a child and had no worries other
Than whether your friends could come out and be there with you to keep you company

When you go home and pass by all those places that held some special meaning
To you in your childhood you cannot help but stop and relive in you memory all of
The good times you had there while saying to yourself I remember calling you friend
To that one spot as you wish to yourself that you could return to your playground
The way that it was, when you were young

Even though it use to be the one place you could go, you quietly realize that
You cannot return to your playground, the one place where you know your innocence
Still lives and the one place where no matter your pain you were able to hold your
Head up high from the comfort it gave through those friendships you forged
And those hardships pushed aside even for those short periods of fun and laughter

And even though you know you can’t go back you realize that your childhood wishes,
Your childhood dreams all came true, making you the person you are today,
A person who now sees that same happiness in their children and wishing that they
To create some of those same memories with their friends

For Their Love

For Their Love

When you feel like you have been dragged through Hell and back again
You feel that you cannot do anything to prove that you will do
Anything and everything for the one you love even though you know that
They know different

You wish that you could show that you have what it takes to be the one to
Be there for them even if it means making a vow to show that you
Are willing to do what it takes to prove your love

As you pray to God to end the pain from the loneliness you feel you know that
The pain you feel is real because you care so much for them and it lets you know
That you must move on past the pain to show them that you are what they were
Dreaming of and that you have been there all along

You begin to show them that you will never stop dreaming of how it could be if
Only they listen to their heart instead of their head

As they start to come around you show them that you are more than willing
To lift them up out of the Hellish existence that has had them down for so long
And willing to show that it will never be a time that you will move on for
You are there to keep them safe and that you will do anything for their love

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a dark and stormy night

A Dark and Stormy Night

As the night becomes dark and stormy, you feel that you are lost from there being no light To guide you,
you pray that you find someone to walk beside you to hide you, to guide
you thru the night

As the despair sets in you can only hope that someone hears your soul calling
For that beacon of hope, that beacon of light for that someone who can reach out
And say there is no need to worry, I’ve got you

When the darkest hour approaches you find that there is a glimmer of hope riding atop a pure
White horse in full stride heading towards you looking like a shooting star in all of its
Splendor parting those dark and stormy clouds that have you so full of dread which now
Looks like a bright horizon with a double rain with you as the end of the rainbow

As he gets closer and closer it almost seems like he has the sun in tow in all of its brilliance to
Warm you up as if he knew that your dark and stormy night had given you a chill right
Down to the bone that you just could not get rid of

As he finally gets there you realize that he has come for you to be beside you in
Your time of need and when he finally reaches down to hold you, he says
I heard your soul calling and could not help but come to you to guide you home

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Journey

The journey

As you look around you think that all the people around you
Are strangers in a foreign land

At the beginning of your journey you find that you are at the cusps of
A great adventure that you have only seen in your dreams

Starting out you find that those people whom you though were strangers
Are there with you beside you on that same adventure trying to find their own
Path on the road winding them allow a twisting path that allows them
To be friends with you

As you look out on the road you can’t help but keep going while you find that
You have started out on a journey that will end up leading to someone that you
Never expected who started on the same journey at the beginning with you

Memories through the window

Memories though the window

As you sit there safe and warm looking through the window that looks like a vale
You look out into the darkness remembering the fond memories that happened long
Ago and far away hoping that those days can come again

As the memories come into focus they seem to pirouette as if dancing just out of reach
And as you allow yourself to remember you find that they are able to give you a
Sense of happiness that you have long since forgotten

As the memories go by one by one you feel as if someone is there holding you
Comforting you hoping that they are ready to sweep you away to allow you to relive
Those memories and as the moment passes you almost feel a kiss that is like a loved one
Saying good bye yet saying I will always be with you

Always and Forever

Always and forever

When you feel that you can not stop that crying from the fear you find
That even though you feel so small, there is someone who understands how You feel

As they reach out to have you take there hand, you stop your crying just wanting
To hold it tight but you just can’t help but want to show them that you are strong even
As they take hold and hug you making you safe and warm

As the moment passes you realize that you have been in their heart not realizing that
They had been trying to show you that they felt that they had to be strong
Hoping that they could be there for you, with you always and for ever

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