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Sunday, March 16, 2008

No matter what gets in the way

No matter what gets in the way

Sometimes when it seems harder it is we can take a night that
We were hoping to be a perfect night and make it a night that we
Wish never happened

At times we wonder if we are meant to be there for each other with all
Of the things that get in the way

There are times when you cannot help but just be there waiting and watching,
Hoping that something gives until your defenses are melted by an action
That shows that no matter how bad it gets they will be there for you, to support you, To love you

As the years go by, you find that no matter what has gotten in the way or may
Get in the way nothing will make the love you share subside but rather it has only
Made your love for each other grow more and more

With the problems we have faced and the problems will face, no matter what gets in
The way we will be there for each other when we are in times of trouble and there for
Each other when we are at our happiest


Julie said...

Really good poem Sean....

Sean said...

thank you julie

Servidores said...

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