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Saturday, February 23, 2008

In memorium to my cousin Dianne

God's Position
God when he feels that he has a position to fill, he looks at who he thinks would be the right one for the position. When he has chosen who he thinks is right he whispers to them let me give you a test, a test to see how much you are needed here with me and with those for which you care for.

God’s test at times can be more grueling than anything you can put yourself through or as easy as doing something that brightens the day of someone who is on the fences. When he is through with his test he whispers to you a job well done and in some cases he calls you home to be at his side to be a guardian angel looking after those who could use your strength and your tenderness.

As God welcomes her home he eases the pain by whispering to those who care, she will be here at my side watching over you and guiding you until she comes to bring you home so you can be together again.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The desperado

The Desperado

As you look down the long road we call life, you feel like the desperado
Who only knows the highway run which makes it feel like
A lonely road, the lonely road that is mythical to the old time cowboys
Who where desperado’s

You wonder how to get past the loneliness you feel, that feels like it is driving
You home to a home that you barely even know, as you go along it seems like you
Are a prisoner just along for the ride given the occasional freedom during those
Short respites until you learn to listen to your heart which allows you to break
Free from the chains that you held so close for so long

As you walk away from those fallen chains to face the once lonely road, you realize
That all you had to do is let someone in through that desperado shell to find
Out what you have been missing

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stand up to face your...

Stand up to face your…

When your principals will not permit you to be an innocent,
You find out how much power you give to your convictions

With the weight of your convictions on your shoulders you feel
That you must stand up and face your enemy

As you stand up to face your enemy, you feel that you have to act as if
You are invincible so that there is no sacrifice

When you know that you there is no sacrifice you find that your
Strength in your convictions shows through more which allows you
To stand up and face your fears when you need to do what is right

As you stand up you find that the strength of your convictions ensures
That you stand up for those who would be an innocent so that they
Are not sacrificed while facing your enemy

After you have won the day while trying to look like you are invincible
You show those who would be an innocent that you are far from
Invincible by showing, a strength that is faltering from giving it all
That you can in the time of need

Saturday, February 2, 2008

a picture

A Picture

A picture can be something to remind us of the happy
Memories from our youth

A picture can be can be something of a sorry reminder
From somewhere in our past

A picture can be of our favorite places, the places we have visited
Or of the loved ones that we so cherish

A picture can show us a great many things depending on
When we see them

A picture lets us relive the fun times in our lives which allows
Us to remember the smallest detail of our most treasured
Of memories

A picture is a piece of the canvas for which we call our lives
That are pieced together as we grow older

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