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Sunday, September 9, 2007

the mornings walk in the change of season (summer to fall)

The mornings walk in the change of season
(Summer to fall)

Walking in the early morning when the weather just starts its seasonal change
You notice the subtle changes to the breeze that feels invigorating yet relaxing as
You walk through the early morning just hinting at the first light of day

As you take your walk each morning you start noticing other subtle changes to the
Plants and the habits of the creatures of the early morning while taking notice
Of the simple fact that the early morning breeze is now a slightly cool wind

As the days go by those subtle changes to the plants turn into the leaves of the trees
Turning magnificent colors fueled by the nightly dips of temps while having less sun
Light for them to take in and as they fall off of the trees you notice that it
The breeze turned into a wind that rustles the leaves of the trees with blowing off the leaves that
Is ready to come off

You also notice that the animals that only come out during the morning darkness just before the first hint of morning light are scurrying around to find a place to hide out and to find a safe
Place to sleep. As they notice that you are there, they scurry back into where they came from
Waiting for you to pass on you morning walk

When the change of season is in full swing you notice that the animals that once were tucked away
In their hiding spots when the weather was warmer and the sun was brighter at that time of day
Are now out and about doing their own thing unbothered by you as long as you don’t get
Too close, you get to see them as they act naturally and you get to see animals you would not
Otherwise get to see during any other time of the day

As the change of season comes to a close that subtle breeze is now a cold wind letting you know
That winter is on its way

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have read through a few of your pieces... All I can say is keep experimenting with different words and different ways of saying things. Overall, they're decent. Editing is key.

But hey, I'm no professional and I am quite young... this is just my opinion.

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