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Saturday, September 29, 2007



The subtle changes let us know that one of the most beautiful times of year is coming.
When you realize that those subtle changes have come, you look around in awe from the beauty
If the changing of the leaves and from the shadows of the trees that now appear larger as they come to life from the wind causing them to dance around and from the rustling leaves.

As the foliage heightens the leaves sound like music in the wind after the long shadows have come to pass, when it rains it feels ever more refreshing with the stillness in the air that almost feels
Electric yet cool without the briskness of winter as the rain hits the leaves which are already turning, it almost sound like a soft drum beat.

As the leaves turn and eventually fall as they must the wind picks them up and plays with them in doing so sweeps them away into the unknown abyss that they seem to find in their travels. As they go they almost seem to talk to you in a rhythm reminiscent of a fond memory that had long been forgotten.

After the leaves have all gone and the trees are bare, you notice in the twilight that the branches seem like out stretched hands and arms in the shadows that they create in the setting sun that is given even more character by the sounds of the night especially by the grand old owl who
Sounds like he is calling out to you asking you who and wishing a good night even though you know he is just hooting.

In the predawn morning as you are waking and getting ready for your day you hear that grand old owl once again wishing you a good day as he is tucking himself in for his daily sleep, and it seems to echo from all around now that trees no longer have their leaves. As you leave in the first light of day those same shadows that you seen the night before are there so see you off only this time a little smaller and a little less imposing.

Over time you notice a sweet scent in the air that comes with the coolness that seems to fade
As the coolness brings on the briskness of winter and as you notice the weather changing you wish that this time of year would never end as you realize the your favorite time of year has come to greet you.

As autumn finally sets in you know that it will come to pass long before you are ready for
It to go and long for it to stay well past its turn.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year and your words so do describe how I feel these days! Thank you!

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