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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Tests in Life

In our lives we are tested many times and in many ways with out always
Knowing that we are being tested or how we are testing.

The tests we face and how we face these tests determines who we are,
Where we will go in our lives and who we will meet

We will face things that try our souls and can cause us great turmoil
In our lives and the lives of the people we keep close

It is the decisions we make in our lives that will determine how we handle
Each test and how we come out of the test

If we allow ourselves to be taken in with the easy way out we will
Never truly know what it is to be tested or what real success is

As long as we allow ourselves the quick answer we will have to look
For that quick answer again down the line for the same reasons

When we give into the easy way out of the things that test us, we lose
A piece of ourselves in the process

When we choose to stand up and face each test head on,
We show that we are willing to do what it takes to see it through

In the face of adversity during those tests we find out who we really are
Deep down inside ourselves

If we face the tests, then the adversity makes us blossom during times of
Turmoil in our lives where we feel lost and out of touch

We cannot truly face life until we have learned how to deal
With the misgivings that have been dealt to us

In the end the real test in life is how we deal with what we
Have done in our lives and how we face death

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